Fitting into wedding dress after baby?

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Sometimes pregnancy weight gain can be completely out of your control. Some woman gain weight in different places and others end up being sick their whole pregnancy they the don’t gain much at all. 

You said you bought the dresses a couple size larger. As long as you have a seemstress that works on last minute projects you should be completely fine. You aren’t trying to fit into your same size pre-pregnancy. Assuming you deliver right on time and have a easy vaginal delivery you can start exercising again at 2 weeks, if worse case scenerio you have your baby late then have to have a c-section you will not be able to start excercising until 6-8 weeks after your baby is born, but you will start to lose weight due to the fact that you are no longer pregnant and also breast feeding. 

The two areas I would be most worried about even if you way exactly what you did pre-pregnancy are your hips and your boobs. Your hip structure will change and also your boobs can stay large until you stop breastfeeding. But the couple extra sizes you bought should help this out. 

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@Miss Grape:  Everyone is so different, it’s hard to say.  I’m only halfway INTO my first pregnancy, so I’m not much help there, lol.  Is your dress corset backed?  That would help immensely, I’m sure.

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I was in a very similar situtation, we where engaged for a yr exactly when we found out we were pregnant…lol…we where exstatic, but the negative comments where a bit annoying. We lost our venue and had to replan our wedding from scratch just a few months before we found out we where expecting. we had non refundable deposits etc just like you and i had already ordered my dress that cost me $2000.00 we ended up not changing our wedding or canceling,but i was terrified of not fitting into my dress. by the time we got married i was 18 weeks and already starting to show. i barely fit into my dress …my boobs have gotten huge and my hips are wider too already and im only 21 weeks atm….as for losing the weight in time after the wedding i think anything is possible and it also depends on how your dress fits alrdy …if its a lil larger and room for alterations to have it taken out. stay positive hunny everything will work out!


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I am in exactly the same position.  Our wedding was booked and organised and I am due 3 months before the wedding.

What I did do was to have my prepregancy measurements taken as soon as I knew I was pregnant and then choose a dress with a fitted boned corset and lace up back.  There is much more room to make adjustments with these dresses.  They also give you a little more confidence.  Strapless dresses are a no no because of breast feeding (or even just post baby big boobs!), so I would suggest something with shoulder support or even a halter neck. 

If you have any idea of a realistic size the dress shop can advise on how much room their is for manouver (often as much as two sizes either way).  The most important thing is to find a supportive dress shop.  I went through a few different shops and some of the shop assistants were very unhelpful and uninterested. So do not give up! Most will want to order the dress 6 months before the wedding, but the final alternations do not need to take place until the last minute.

All of this does take some of the pleasure out of dress shopping.  There are so many other things to think about and focus on.  I have decided to focus on our new baby and the registrar has agreed to perform the baby naming ceremony as soon as the marriage ceremony is over.  I think that will be a lovely touch and any of our guests that I have mentioned this to think it different and a very special touch to our day.  We got a tri-fold invitation with a little stork section in it.  

I hope this helps.  Keep in touch and let us know how things progress.





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  Hi there, I know its been several years since this post was written but I was wondering how everything turned out with fitting into your wedding dress so quickly after a baby? I ask because, my fiance and I got engaged in February of this year (2017) and decided on a date of March 2018. Everything was running smoothly: we took engagement photos for our save the dates, we found a location, a photographer, a videographer, a DJ, we set the menu for the reception and I even found my dress and my bridesmaids dresses. I should’ve known things were going too well. 2 weeks ago I found out I am pregnant. Exciting! But the timing. Our baby (my 2nd, his 4th – we are blending families) is due around February 18th 2018 and the wedding is March 31, 2018.  Everyone is telling me this is completely crazy to try to pull off. I really do NOT want to elope, or push the wedding forward. I still want the wedding of my dreams – as much as possible with an infant needing my boob every 2-3 hours…..

So, how did everything go with yours? Any pitfalls? As an added challenge, I’ve already bought a sheath, beaded wedding dress that arrives in September. I am planning to ask them how long it will take to alter, pray they only need 1-2 weeks and then take it back in in early March while I am on maternity leave to get sized. 

Is all of this insane? It is starting to feel insane…..

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soswift :  I am not the OP but personally I would either push the wedding up or back.

Even if you’re naturally thin/smaller…your body changes a lot after pregnancy. With only a month between your Dirty Delete and wedding, that isn’t much time to give your body to even out/bounce back…especially if you want a sheath beaded dress, because I assume that would not be very forgiving to a postpartum body.

Also, with a very small newborn it will be hard to enjoy the night (IMO), especially if your baby is colicky, or generally just fussy, or having an off day. He/she will want to be with you the entire time, and you would have to be prepared for that. 

Would you be prepared to leave your reception to breast feed? Possibly every couple hours, for up to 45 minutes a time? What if DD/DS starts screaming during your first dance? pictures? etc? 

Honestly, I would want to enjoy my maternity leave and focus soley on my newborn, not having to worry about the wedding, getting a dress resized (if even possible), etc. 

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