Freaky coincidences?

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Sugar bee
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I lived in Grenada for three years, all the taxi drivers are independent and FI and I used the same driver whenever we were going to the airport leaving the island, going out to dinner, friends visiting etc.  When my parents came to visit in my last year they went on an island tour with him and were chatting.  The driver knew I was from Ontario but not where, so when my parents told him the city we are from he said he was just there a few months ago visiting his cousin John (name changed).  My parents asked “wouldn’t happen to be John Smith would it?” He said yes.  His cousin lives three houses down from my parents!

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Helper bee
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The girlfriend of one of my work friends is best friends with one pf my school friends even though they live in cities 200 miles apart.


I met a guy on a roof in Budapest who ended up a few months lateron my halls of residence at uni.


I met another guy in budapest called G. A few years later I met a guy at a festival called S. A few years later still I met up with S, his best friend C her BF who happened to be G that I had met in Budapest, 6 years earlier.


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Buzzing Beekeeper
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@discokitty:  Things like that happen to me all the time, too many to count.  I’m used to it – finally.  😉  Pay attention to it, the universe is sending you a message …

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Buzzing bee
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DH and I hired a taxi service to take us to the airport for our honeymoon. We NEVER use taxi services and always drive ourselves or have a friend/family member drop us off.

DH made the arrangments, basically by googling a bunch of places and finding the one with the best reviews/rates. The owner recognized DH’s name when he made the reservation. Turns out the owner of this random company DH called was the best man at DH’s parents’ wedding. They had lost touch over 25 yrs ago. We put FIL and best man back in touch. 🙂

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Busy bee
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@discokitty:  i met a guy at a hotel party in charlotte that was friends with one of my old bosses in nyc. so strange! and he knew someone from nyc that was in a completely different circle of friends.


one night at dinner in nyc my friend and i were sitting next to two guys. one of the guys was roommates with my friend’s cousin in college…in south carolina. such a small world! 

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Busy bee
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anddd another one of my bosses in nyc ended up being bffs with this girl from a small town i went to college – newberry, sc. so crazy. 

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Blushing bee
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A friend of mine from my old job had a weird coincidence a couple of years back and it caused a huge problem for a while!

He (Dave Smith) and his girlfriend (Hannah Jones) were having a bit of a rough patch. Anyway, he moves into a new flat and after about a week receives a letter. The note inside is handwritten, to the effect of “Dave, Hannah is cheating on you and has been for a while. Sorry to say we saw Hannah and this guy at X bar on Saturday night, kissing and being very touchy-feely, and they left together, etc etc.”

Dave is stunned. As it happens, Hannah did spend that Saturday away from him, on a “girl’s night out” and hadn’t gone back to her own home (her housemate confirmed). X Bar is a bar that she loves and he hates going to, far enough away from their homes that she could comfortably be there with another guy and not get seen by mutual friends, realistically. So, Dave decides to confront Hannah who admits she was at X Bar but swears she wasn’t cheating. 2 or 3 friends confirm this.

So, things are tense for a couple of days until Dave gets a letter in the post addressed to Hannah. Odd, as they don’t live together. So, he opens it, and it’s a catalogue bill for clothes nowhere near Hannah’s size. He calls his landlord, who confirms that the previous tenants were a Hannah Jones and Dave Smith and haven’t got around to forwarding their post yet. How weird?!

Hannah and Dave are fine now – it’s one of their favourite anecdotes!

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Sugar bee
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Things like this happen to me quite often. Two examples:

1) I’m part of a Swedish Womens club, last fall a new member joined our facebook group. Her family were moving to Toronto and she asked for places to get furniture once they moved out from their apartment hotel. Now, they were moving out in January so I realized they would spend Christmas all cooped up. It felt so sad that I spontaneously sent her a FB note asking if they wanted to spend Christmas in our house while we were in Sweden. I post the note and a limited excerpt of her personal info popped up showing two friends of ours (one of which has stayed at our house as a guest)! Turns out they’re best friends back in Sweden!

2) Once again house related. Through the same club DH and I made a house swap for the time we were away for the wedding. I exchanged tons of pictures with the dad of the family, showing the house and the cats (and him their house, daughters and cats), but we both forgot to send photos of what we looked like. So mum and I was supposed to meet him and his wife at this café in Stockholm and I had NO idea what they looked like. We arrived early, so we decided to go to an ATM to get some cash. On our way to the ATM we passed a couple and I just got this gut feeling it was them. I told my mum, who said it was silly – the streets were packed with people, how could I possibly know we’ve passed the right couple?! Of course, it turns out it’s them and what’s even cooler – the wife had got the same feeling when they passed us and got the same response from her husband as I got from mum!

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Blushing bee
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@discokitty:  I know right?! I honestly didn’t believe him – I thought it was an excuse from Hannah actually, you know, “obviously it’s a different Hannah Jones”…hmm. Madness.


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Bee Keeper
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@MrsSancerre:  That is INSANE.

I don’t have any terribly weird ones. 🙁

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Honey bee
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My parents were driving down to Myrtle Beach one year for vacation. They stopped halfway in Virginia, and started chatting with another couple at a bar at the hotel they were staying. They found out the couple was going to Myrtle Beach also. They asked where they were staying, and they were staying in the EXACT same condo building as we do!

What are the chances with all the hotels, houses and condo complexes? Turns out they had been going there for 30 yrs just like my parents, and now we coordinate our vacations with them every year so we can hang out! 

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