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I get your POV, but I get his, too. Marriage is not a saving grace, or else there wouldn’t be a 45-50% divorce rate.

Maybe because he’s in the business he wants to hold off? I don’t know, there could be a zillion reasons why he isn’t proposing.

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Helper bee

Ahhh, this sounds all too familiar :-) SO and I moved in together last Aprilish when he bought a house. I definitely get living together w/o being engaged/ having that commitment. Have you discussed your concerns of “playing wife” with him? Have you looked at rings or told him what styles you’d like? Is he the type that wants to plan everything himself and not have you invovled?

I hope you’re able to enjoy your trip without thinking “is he going to propose” everytime you’re in a scenic place, at dinner, etc. It sounds like you guys have a solid relationship, and at 1 1/2 years, you’ve waited a lot less than many folks on here. The end of the summer isn’t THAT far away, so try to enjoy your great relationship.

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All I can say is good luck.  You gave him your timeline; if he doesn’t propose and you don’t follow through then you will lose whatever negotiating position you have.

If you feel secure and comfortable with him then I think all you can do is wait.  FWIW, my FI and I ended up getting engaged a few months before he said we would, mainly because he was the one who couldn’t wait any longer.  So just because he said that it would be at the end of summer doesn’t mean he will let it go that long.

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