FSIL Wants a different dress!!!!

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I work a lot of weddings, I see a lot of BM’s changing at the receptions after all events take place, dinner, cake, formal dances…etc. Actually, I see no big deal with it. You are going to be too busy with your evening to even notice.  If you do notice, then you’re not having fun at YOUR own wedding.  Advice, let it go and have fun.

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Meh I’d be annoyed but hey if she want’s to spend her time at the reception not looking like a member of the wedding party than that’s on her.  I’d make it clear that she’s not changing before pictures are done, and that the photographer will be looking for the color/dress of the BM’s to get great candid shots during the reception.

That is annoying tho, but it’s her money she’s spending on the dress right?

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I would be offended too. I have been in several weddings, and I always try to do what makes the bride happy! It’s YOUR day and they should respect that. I agree with the MOH. In my wedding, she actually has a different dress than my other bridesmaids. If you think its something that will make you agrravated at the wedding, then I would mention something to her. If its something you can deal with and get over (even if you don’t like it), I would just let it be.  Is it worth it? That’s what I try to ask myself in situations like this. You have to choose your battles, and do what you are going to be happy with. Not sure if this is much help…but I hope it is! Hope everything works out ok!!


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i think its a bit disrecpectful of one of your bridesmaids to change outfits at the reception. I would feel hurt if one of my bridemaids said that to me, would feel like they didnt like what i chose. She would also look like they were not part of the wedding party. She seems like a bit of a drama queen then. 

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I dont get it.  Did you pick a dress that she doesnt look good in?  If she already “looks good” why the dress change?  I mean, are you even changing?  Kinda weird for one person in the bridal party to change and it not be the bride.

But its probably a battle not worth fighting.  I think she will end up looking kind of silly.

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She will be the one who people will wonder about, not you. You will look beautiful. Let her have her way and ignore it. Her wanting attention on your day speaks for itself…. She’s not worth getting upset over.

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If I were you here is what my thoughts would be… Im the bride, no one will be paying attention to her anyway so she can have five wardrobe changes if she wants, no one tops the beautiful girl in white (aka the bride!) . Also, if she doesn’t like the dress I chose, oh well, it’s what I chose and if she wants to change after the ceremony and announcements at the reception, so be it. whatevs. She’s only going to waste her own time and money on trying to impress people who aren’t going to pay attention to her anyway :)

let it go and don’t let it stress you out or make you upset!

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