Have any other waiting bees started planning their wedding yet?

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Helper bee

I do all the time. We have at timeline though and have bought the center stone. The balls in his court at this point, but I know its coming, so I plan away!

And by planning… I have the venues scaled down to the top 3 I would want to see, I know which style of dress I’m interested in, and may have a bajillion pins saved for possibilities.


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Not really planning but scoping things out! I love looking at dresses and we have both discussed a few things like favors and wedding theme/styles. He knows my rule is simply give me at least 9 months to plan! lolol


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Guilty! Haha

Nothing too serious but definitely looking. Know the style of dress I want, decorations, flowers, picked my bridesmaids, know my venue. 

We went an saw our venue. Not wedding related we were there for something else but I was prancing around all excited and squeely going “that’s where the ceremony will be! That’s where we can do pictures!” SO just smiled and rolled his eyes. 

No harm in looking! :)

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Buzzing bee

I used to be big on the scoping and planning but SO really wants to plan too, so i wait for him. He doesnt want to plan without us being engaged.

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Busy bee

Yes I liked to scope things out Dresses and favors mostly.


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I did, but I’m no longer waiting!  :)  I hated it though, because I could never really share my ideas without getting those weird “you’re not even engaged” looks.

Although, to be honest, with a 2 year engagement, I’ve gotten nearly the same looks every time I try to do/plan/settle on anything. I think the one comment I hate most is “You have plenty of time for that.”  Let me be excited!  :(

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Guilty! I’m pretty sure I’ve found the venue and if SO doesn’t propose by our anniversary, I might just book a night or two there just so we can see it and I can bring it up in future conversations Innocent I’ve also researched dresses and dress styles and am forming a semi-custom gown in my mind. I’ve thought of favors, themes, color pallettes, bridesmaid/groomsmen styles, budget, pretty much anything I’ve thought of or seen on here. Nothing has been booked or bought, except my ring (that I don’t have yet! Cry) so I consider this “waiting” time, time for me to preplan and narrow down the options for when it comes time to actually say this is it.

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Bumble bee

Everyone does it! I have looked at venue pricing (or at least what I could find without an inquiry), dress ideas, thought about color schemes… you name it.

I feel like pinterest was designed for waiting girls!

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Helper bee

I have a date in mind and I’ve decided on DJ and photographer (based on working with them at other events). SO stated the proposal is coming before Thanksgiving (eeeek!), so I plan to start looking at venues after the holidays. 

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Blushing bee

Heck yeah! I was planning about 3 months before the proposal, but I knew it was coming. We had already bought the ring and everything. The cool part was he has been just as interested in planning as I am! We sent our save-the-dates about 5 days after the proposal (the venue is on family owned property, so it’s guaranteed), but then ended up changing the date to accomodate my family. Oops.

Either way, we’re ecstatic and have had so much fun starting to plan. For the most part he has given me full reign, but I have been trying to input his ideas and give him control of things that would interest him like signature drinks, reception music, etc. It has made him happy to see me so happy and he loved torturing me by making me wait for the proposal! LOL

I have had a bunch of crap from my family about planning so early (he proposed on Halloween night), but I’m trying to just ignore their negative attitudes and focus on the family and friends that are truly excited for us and are letting me babble on about my plans. They are the ones who know I’m happy and want me to be excited about my engagement!

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Yep we’ve been planning for ages. I change my mind daily though. I’m a gemini who can never make up her mind.

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