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  • poll: If you caught your Husband masturbating would you..
    Be angry : (11 votes)
    6 %
    Walk out like nothing happened : (58 votes)
    30 %
    Assist him : (124 votes)
    64 %
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    I let him go about his buisness. No biggie. The only time it was awkward was the time I walked in on an old boyfriend’s roommate.

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    When I’m not in the mood. DH starts “taking care of himself” it super turns me on! JErk lol.

    I’d hope he’d wiat for me to take care of his needs but I’d understand if maybe I’d gotten home 2 or 3 hours early or something.

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    You don’t have an “other” or “I don’t know” option. I know mine does it but he’s super sneaky or super fast because I’ve never even come CLOSE to catching him. Lol

    Shower, maybe?

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    I dont understand why some people get mad at their SO’s for masturbating. Can someone who does get mad about it explain why to me? I’m not trying to be rude or anything, I’m just honestly curious.

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    laugh and say I am sorry for interrupting them

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    It wouldn’t bother me one bit. His hand was there before I was, so it has seniority. :D

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    ASSIST!! lol maybe cause we have a healthy sex life if he masturbates he does it when hes  next to me and I will assist if im in the mood or i just let him rub me for inspiration lol sorry if its TMI :/ We never watch porn lol we just use eachother so its normal!





    Do you freak out?? 


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    @alishaloo:  Agreed,when im all like “IM not in the mood” the he does it I’m like shit ok fine! Now Im in the mood damn it

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    TO allyfally:  ok… I’ll try

    As an oldtimer (I am over 50) I think that part of it is based in the taboo of masterbating to begin with… there are certainly some religious groups that see it as a sin (self indulgent – impure thoughts – “a waste”).  And from that comes the idea that to enjoy sex without your partner is therefore not appropriate behaviour.

    Of course modern times and thinking have evolved… so that most people now see it solely as a “physical act / need” that is only natural, and doesn’t really mean any one thing or another.

    That said, there is certainly some old-time thought still surrounding this “taboo”.  I know in my first marriage that I was hurt if I found out my Ex was getting his jollies without me (more so when our marriage was on the rocks, and there wasn’t a lot of sex anyhow… never mind that he was into sexual manipulation / control).  I didn’t like the idea of him masterbating one little bit (call it a lack of self-confidence)

    With Mr TTR I am in a much more secure place, and more self-confident.  I’ve matured to realize that it is for men more of a releasing “act” than an meaningful exerciese.  And that is totally natural and not a thing that they do to p!ss women off. (Lol, yes I have come a long way in 30+ years)

    All that said, Mr TTR has told me that he doesn’t indulge since I’ve come on the scene… he could… well if the “mood” struck him… or if we’d been apart a long while.  BUT he doesn’t.  And he doesn’t have any hang ups about this activity either… he knows full well that it normal male behavior.

    We are together 24/7 and our sex life is good.  And he tells me the main reason is because he just doesn’t feel the need to self-gratify… he would soo much more like to be with me, and have “our sex” be what he relies on consistently… than pull a fast one (pun intended) now and then on his own.

    As I said, I’m way more mature now… so I’ve given up the jealous / anger aspect.  I don’t for a minute think my man is with-holding anything from me, or our relationship so if he does it or not, I don’t care (and frankly it is NOT MY BUSINESS)


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    For the record: if I ever did manage to catch him, I would think it was super hot.  I like to watch him (in bed) but not sure how it would go if he was caught off-guard.

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    I chose angry. That’s just because the one time I did catch him masturbate, I wanted to have sex–albeit that was in the first few months of our relationship. Now I just tell him to hold it for me if I’m going to be home soon, or else go ahead lol

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