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Honey Beekeeper

Green is a really good color for offices (supposedly) as it’s a soothing color that won’t make you sleepy.  Since that is already a color you seem to gravitate towards, I’d stick with that for the walls.  I think a sage green would look really nice!  I might also mimic the photo you posted and only paint the wall that the window is on green, leaving everything else neutral.

I would go for either a white or a light colored futon that you could decorate with fun colored/patterned pillows.  I think it would lighten up the room a bit and changing pillows makes it really easy to change up the look.  Here are some inexpensive ones I found (actually all of them are from Walmart) that got good reviews:

$189 –

$229 –

$279 –

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Honey Beekeeper

I would get some kind of area rug to go underneath the desk.  Since the desk and the wood floor are a really similar color, I think breaking them up so they aren’t right against one another would be good.  It’s hard to recommend rugs as those are very personal to one’s taste, but I’d recommend taking a look at them.

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Bumble bee

Here are some ideas. I like these color palettes:

I also love this for seating. It’s a chair/love seat that folds out into a bed:

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