Help me find bras!

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I’m a 32D too and I buy Bali bras, I find that I fall out of other brands because the cups are cut too low. I don’t have any patterns (I’m pretty sure they make them), but I do have a lot of intersting colors like lavender, periwinkle, red ect

here’s one of theirs with patterns

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First, I would go to a nice department store for a fitting…most women are wearing the wrong size. VS is notorious for their poor fitting methods; they once tried to fit my 34G boobs into a 38DDD.

Nordstrom, Macys and online retailers like bare necessities and figleaves have tons of bras in the size you are now

eta: 32D is not a stupid size. It is relatively common when you consider the women who are wearing 26, 28, and 30 band bras. The bra industry in the US really doesn’t acknowledge these women though.

/end bra blogger rant.

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@rachelmichelle:  Good to hear :)
Some really good brands to try are Chantelle, Freya, Cleo by Panache, Panache and Curvy Kate just to name a few. No boring bras being made by those brands at all!

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@bellaluna290:  I love VS bras, but you’re right about them being wrong all the time! I have two friends who are the same size as me, 32/34B, and they were both measured a D at VS! I think they shrunk all their bra sizes so smaller chested women feel bigger.

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Nordstrom all the way. I am a 36GG and that’s the only place I have found supportive well made, beautiful bras. They have a fantastic return policy, too, so say a wire pops out after a month or two? They take it back, no questions asked.

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@ilikeballet:  It’s not that they vanity size–it’s like they fail to realize that certain bra sizes exist; which, is fine for them. But in doing so, they are selling bras to women that are ill fitting and telling them that they are a good fit. A well fitted bra can do wonders for you; no matter your bra size.

@rachelmichelle:  You’re welcome! Feel free to PM me if you have questions/want more info; I kiinda do some bra blogging work :)

@littlemisst08: Me too! Freya’s new collections are to die for!

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I am a fan of VS bras, but if you want something cheap and cheerful that works well, try Gilligan and O’Malley bras from target. They definitely carry your size and larger, and they are even pretty (depending on the kind you get), while some are more basic black/nude/white. I am wearing one right now, and I would say it’s like my VS bras — supportive with wide straps — but with less padding.

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@rachelmichelle:  I’m a 32DD so 32D is not a stupid size to me.  I definitely second the Nordstrom vote.  I got the best strapless bra I’ve ever had in my life from there.  It’s a Wacoal. 

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@rachelmichelle:  I’m a bit bigger now, but I was a 32DD when I was skinnier, so I feel your pain.  The best bras ever are LACE bras.  First, they’re the MOST supportive bras.  Second, they’re pretty.  You should hand wash them in cold water and then hang them to dry.  They will last a very long time if you do that.  I buy my bras from Macys.  I go to the bra section and pick out any all-lace bras that I can find and try them on, so I end up with a bunch of different brands.  The one I’m wearing now is Wacoal. 

ETA:  VS is the last place I’d shop for bras.  I do love their panty sales though!

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I’m wearing a 32D right now but the only place I’ve ever been fitted for a bra is VS. They told me I was a 34C but I am definitely NOT, the band on a 34C is way too loose and I’m spilling out of the cups. Now I’m wondering if I am actually a 32D, though…It’s just the size I’ve found that comes closest to fitting.

Where is a good place to get measured? We don’t have any really high-end department stores near us…no Nordstrom’s or anything. We have Macy’s but that’s about it. 

Any recommendations on how to find a place to get measured?

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