Help with decor ideas please!!!

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Honey Beekeeper

I think the string balls are lovely. Some bees have reported difficulty making these. It seems they are affected by humidity. You also have to have lots of room to transport them so they don’t get crushed.

Ms Ferris Wheel blogged about making string balls.

As she mentioned, there are lots of tutorials online.

Here’s an idea for using them to make a chandelier.


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i found this DIY ! its super cute & inexpensive ! 

not mine its on pintrest 

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Helper bee

I have seen people making flowers from all kinds of materials in tutorials.  I really like the string balls.  I plan on making my own pomander flower balls.  I plan on using water beads to float flowers.  Um, obviously, I cannot remember the items that I don’t plan on using.  LOL.  Pinterest and YouTube and reading all the DIY projests on here have been my best inspration to draw ideas from.

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Busy Beekeeper

I really liked the doilie ones lanterns!

Like this but with led candles!


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