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DH and I have been doing Weight Watchers which we’ve both found to be way more helpful than just trying to watch what we eat.  You don’t really realize how bad some things are for you until you see their point values!  We’ve both lost 25 lbs so far and haven’t had to feel like we were really giving up things we love (so it has been easier to stick to).

One big change that we found that really helped was switching from Coke to Coke Zero/Diet Coke.  We both love pop so giving it up completely simply isn’t going to happen for us.  But switching away from the regular Coke has actually helped a lot.

You can also get fat free dressings for salads where you can use a decent amount and still have it not be many points.

How much progress has he made?  The weight isn’t just going to fall off.  It is a slow and steady process if you are doing it right.

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Have you heard of the 5 Day Miracle Diet (book by Adele Puhn)?  It sounds gimmicky but it’s actually quite effective.  I use it every once in a while when I feel like my weight is starting to creep up.  The diet itself is pretty intuitive, recommends lots of veggies, low carbs, lean meats, etc.  But it gives you very clear cut guidelines of what type of food to eat at certain times of the day to keep your blood sugar levels stable and your energy high.  I think the most effective part of the diet was to eat a high protein breakfast which helped to curb my sugar cravings.  The only annoying part is you have to eat alot of veggie/fruit snacks throughout the day which is inconvenient when you’re in the middle of a meeting.

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Portions are the biggest thing.  Unfortunately, most of our parents instilled this horrible idea in our heads as children – “clean your plate”.  It’s very hard to break that thought pattern, so the easy solution is to plate dinner, and serve smaller portions.  If you serve family style, it makes it very easy to keep eating until the serving dishes are empty.  Also, make easy swaps.  Cheese made from 2% milk instead of whole.  Using the light alfredo sauce instead of regular.  Add a small salad with a low cal dressing before every meal.  The easier the swaps are, the less likely that he’ll get frustrated.

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Sugar bee

@kay01:  DH lost 100 pounds in the last year.  One thing that really helped him is that he eats a high-protein greek yogurt for breakfast every morning and a high-protein smoothie (homemade by yours truly) for lunch every day.  Then we eat a relatively healthy dinner (we don’t eat out often).  Consistency with eating can really help cut calories!

Here’s DH 2 months ago.

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@kay01: Portions can be challenging, you don’t want the poor man looking at an itty bitty meal and thinking “where’s the rest of it?”.  I love broccoli and cauliflower and corn on the cob because I can put a bunch on the plate, and it looks like LOTS of food.  I’ll also load up the plate with good proteins – chicken, lean beef, etc.  That way, he doesn’t notice that I shorted him on the pasta or potatoes. 

The trick we have to eating out is to ask the waiter/waitress to box half the meal before it gets to us.  Or we’ll split an entree if we both want the same thing.  Either way, when it’s not in front of you, the temptation isn’t there.  If you tend to eat at chain restaurants, check out the website first.  A lot of times, the “healthy” looking option is 2000 calories, and the not so healthy looking option is 800. 

For work, my fiance loves having protein bars in his desk.  The calories on those can add up fast if you’re not careful, but one bar + an apple beats a combo meal at McDonalds any day. 

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@kay01:  Honestly, if your DH just put a little bit more effort into working out he’d most likely see changes relatively quickly. He has one huge advantage: He’s a man. Men tend to “shape up” faster then women, so he should use that to his advantage.

I really think going to the gym is worth the investment. If he went 3 or 4 times a week did some cardio and some basic weight lifting at first, the changes he would see would really surprise and encourage him to continue going. If you go with him it would probably encourage him also!

Food is also really important, there are a ton of “lightened” up recipes out there to make the switch more gradual. Check out Start making changes slowly, like – switching to whole grain bread over white and rather then having a slice of cake for dessert, have a small bowl of fresh fruit salad. Also, skip salad dressing all together and make your own, olive oil and a nice flavorful vinegar (or a lemon) with pepper and a hint of salt (or parmesan cheese!) is all you need! 

If possible, try and cut coke totally, suggest to DH that he could have it as his “treat” on his “cheat days”. Pop (both regular and diet) is just so bad for you. I’ve completely switched to water/green tea/almond milk to drink. If he enjoys the “fizz” of pop try switching from coke, to something like Perier Water.

Eliminating processed foods is something to also work towards (thats what I’m in the middle of now haha, its not easy but its well worth it) Theres just SO MUCH crap in foods that you’d think are healthy, but they’re really not.

ETA: Keep in mind (healthy) fats aren’t the enemy! Healthy fats are just fine for you in moderation (healthy fats being the ones found in olive oil, avocados, salmon andthe fats found in nuts and seeds)

Myth: Fat-free means healthy.

Fact: A “fat-free” label doesn’t mean you can eat all you want without consequences to your waistline. Many fat-free foods are high in sugar, refined carbohydrates, and calories.

With so many different sources of dietary fat—some good and some bad—the choices can get confusing. But the bottom line is simple: don’t go no-fat, go good fat.

Link if you want to read more about healthy fats:


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@Stephville:  +100000

my DH lost 25 pounds just by cutting out soda and doing cardio 3 times per week. he still doesn’t eat very healthy and he needs to work on that but also doesn’t need to lose more weight at this point. he looks really good. men definitely lose faster than women. i would suggest telling your husband not to weigh himself. it can be really discouraging when the number doesn’t change. tell him to go by how his clothes fit. that’s what i do. i do pilates 3x/week and lost fat but gained muscle so my number didn’t change much but my clothing size sure did.

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Have him join and PROTEIN is your friend. Whole almonds, greek yogurt, chicken, etc. He needs to workout more often too. Cardio at LEAST 30 mins each day. Salads are great, like you pointed out the dressing can actually make a salad bad for you. I switched to Bolthouse farms dressing. It’s more expensive, but it’s soooo good and only 45 calories per serving vs 160!!!

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@calibee79:  I always joke when I’m in the gym with my friend: “That totally ripped guy has probably only been working out for two weeks and hes already in fantastic shape, and look at us, working our butts off to see ANY muscle definition” Obviously it took that random guy way longer, but losing weight/gaining muscle is generally way harder for us ladies! Haha 🙂

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Maybe think about cutting out wheat products for a month?
Don’t replace them with anything “gluten free,” just eat quinoa and rice when you want some carbs instead.

You’ll be surprised at how much healthier you eat when you take out the bread, pasta, crackers, buns, toast, breaded fried food, cake, cupcakes, pretzels, etc. A lot of these items are considered processed foods in the first place, and really occupy more of our meals than we realize.

You’re forced to get creative with veggies, fruits, and meats.

After a month, you can try adding it back in (or not), but I think skipping out on it entirely for a long period of time helps you to get more creative with food choices.

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