Hey my name is —– what's your first name!?

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Sugar bee

Haha…no way!  Mine is soo unique…If I search my name I find school projects from like 8 years ago :( !!!


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Helper bee

I’m Emily. Also super original. My parents thought they were going to bring back this old fashioned name. So did everyone else’s parents I guess

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Busy bee

Mine is Grace.. I don’t like it but my FI loves it lol..

Preetty common too -,- … Haha

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Worker bee

My name is Ellia. It’s a female version of the name Elijah. =) (Pronounced like THAT Aaliyah)

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Buzzing bee


I hate how common it is. :/ I can’t go anywhere without some random stranger shouting my name and making me look like an idiot.

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Worker bee


My first and surname is so common that there are another three Amanda (surname)’s in my local area. 

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Blushing bee

 My name is Nikita… My mum named me after Elton John’s song before she knew he was gay and singing about a man :/

Also my middle name rhymes with my name Anita… Nikita Anita :/

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Buzzing bee

Stephanie. I hate it. HATE.

I will be naming my children something a lot more unique and a lot nicer!!

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Bumble bee

Love hearing all these names. I think Emily is a cute name.

I’m not posting mine because it’s foreign and someone might be able to figure out who I am…let’s just say I love my name my parents gave me! Writes great and sounds great.

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Blushing bee

My first name is Alicia – pronounced A-lee-see-ya


Except it never really worked and my name to everyone, bar random people through work, is A-lee-sha

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