Holiday baking recipe for a gift

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Bumble bee

I don’t have a specific suggestion. But I’d say something that is good to freeze. Either so you can make a bunch before hand and freeze them, or so when you give it to someone they can freeze it for later use. There tends to be lots of baking/treats around the holidays so sometimes it is nice to put it away for after the holidays are done.

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Honey bee

When I was younger, my mom would always make an assortment of Christmas cookies – like four or five varieties, and package them up nicely to give to family and friends.

I’d probably do something simple, like a cranberry bread.

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Sugar bee

I find so much of the baked goods get thrown out each year because so many are baked and given and so many people are perpetually watching their weight.

Maybe try something a bit different and make some flavored oils. Buy those individual bottles of wine to drink for the next few weeks. When the bottles are empty soak and remove the labels. 

Then refill with some flavored oil. Lightly heat olive oil with rosemary or garlic etc then decant into the bottle. 

Print a label for it and you have some nice dipping or cooking oil.


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Bumble bee

I love to do an assortment of christmas cookies. (I might go a little carzy) 

my staples:

- almond, cranberry biscotti dipped in chocolate

- sugar cookies

- gingerbread cookies

- peppermint bark

- chocolate, chocolate chip cookies


I’ve always wanted to try a thumbprint jam cookie, but I’ve never done it.

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Sugar bee

My mother always makes Tablet (a delicious Scottish Fudge) for gifts and everyone always loves it. I started doing it too last year. I also just got a recipe for Sweet Marie bars from a friend of the family and they are super delicious! Both recipes can be found here.

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Busy bee

i just searched pinterest in ‘boards’ for food gifts and heaps came up~!! too many to put here!

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Bee Keeper

I say peppermint bark. It’s super fast and everyone loves it. You could also do other types and put them in tins in sections. I’ve seen pistachio and candied orange peel and a bunch of others that sound great.

You just pipe the chocolate with a wide flat tip on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper. It’s better than spreading because it’s more even and you can get it thinner. If you do two layers (I usually do dark chocolate with white chocolate on top), stick the tray in the freezer for a minute so the chocolate sets before you do the second layer. then throw some stuff on the top, freeze it for a bit so it firms up, and break it apart.

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Blushing bee

Last year, I made white chocolate covered Oreos and sprinkled them with candy cane pieces. You can even add a stick and and individual wrapper on each as a cookie pop. I found a cute glitter covered chinese food shaped box for $1 a piece at Target and bought a whole bunch to wrap the cookies in. Everyone LOVED them, including myself, I accidently ate a bunch. 

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