HOLY CRAP! (Literally!)

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Bumble Beekeeper

Surprised  Really??  WTF??   Laughing

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Helper bee

I hate when my car gets pooped on, and it inevitably happens right after I wash it. I shit you not, a few years ago I had just gotten some sinfully delicious hot McDonalds fries from the drive-through and my window was still down. I’ll be damned if a bird didn’t figure out how to aim it’s poop at some magical angle and it actually went straight into my bag of fries. I took that as a sign that I indeed should not have been eating fast food.

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Sugar Beekeeper

So gross! I have a convertible and bird poop makes me paranoid to leave the top down for extended periods of time. 

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Bumble Beekeeper

Maybe it was a pterodactyl:

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Bee Keeper

When you said “Holy Crap (Literally)” I was expecting something much different. I am thanking my deity of choice that this post wasn’t accompanied by a photo of toilet leavings shaped like YOUR deity of choice.

That said, I find that a sock over an ice scraper works pretty well for bird poop. Plus, you don’t have to touch it!

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Sugar bee

A few years ago, DH and I drove my convertible for our vacation in the Floriday Keys.  We were driving over the Seven Mile Bridge with the top down and I was terrified when a group of seagulls flew over the car.  

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Honey bee


I wish I lived near you. I’d totally hang out w/ you and buy you a beer.

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