How are my August bees doing?

posted 1 year ago in August 2013
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Honey bee

I was at the over it stage too and BEYOND stressed out when I just stopped took a break and didnt do anything for the wedding it helped me a ton and I am feeling so much better about planning now!

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Honey bee

I’m not really at the “over it” stage, but I am a little stressed — we are at the point where we are doing decor and designing stationary, and now FI and I aren’t on the same page!  Up to now I’ve been doing everything, but I check in with him and he pretty much always said he liked stuff, but now we are kind of taking a few steps backwards to incorporate more of his interests.  That’s not a bad thing of course, I just wish that he had spoken up before I did all this planning and got so excited about specific ideas that he doesn’t like anymore!

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Busy Beekeeper

I’m pretty good – I’m not really doing anything wedding-related except for looking at blogs and Pinterest, lol.  I’m waiting on some pictures from my flaky friend so I can make and send save-the-dates, so I’m gathering addresses… (Although at this point I think I’ll have to wait to send them in early January so they don’t get shuffled in with all the holiday cards.)  I guess I should book hotel blocks soon. 

Besides that, I’m putting everything else off for a while… buying/making decor, guest book, cake topper, jewelry… getting FI’s suit… arranging shuttle drivers… planning the rehearsal dinner BBQ… setting up our registry… it just seems way too soon to deal with any of that!

Seriously, what are you guys doing specifically these days?  Why the stress?  Maybe I should be doing a lot more!?

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Blushing bee

I am doing very well. No stress and having so much fun. Most of my save the dates are sent out. We ordered our invitations on Saturday, so hopefully those will turn out great.

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Sugar bee

I’ve done nothing for months because i got so overwhelmed so quickly i just couldn’t do it. Just hired a wedding planner to keep me on track and organize the whole freaking thing. 

I am totally the anti-bride. I hate planning and all that, but i do have a vision. I just have no interest in spending the next 10 months trying to get this all together.  Getting a planner was DEFINITELY the right choice for me. 

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Fellow agugust 2013 wedding bees, enjoy every minute of the planning process ladies because we get this only once in our lives and we will remember it forever, whenever I’m feeling stressed I remind myself of this and I seem to get over whatever is bothering me very quickly. We have 8-9 months left  That is plenty of time. Take things in stride. One thing at a time. If you look at everything at once it can get very overwhelming. Look at one project at a time and enjoy as you complete it. 


Hope this helps calm some nerves. 


Happy planning!!

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Busy bee

Less than 9 months to go officially! and we’ve finally settled on a venue =D A historic victorian house, im so excited, everythings just falling into place now. I was a little stressed before we had a venue set up but now the planning is SO amazing. The DIY stuff is expecially fun. Im still having troubles figuring out the DIY printable invitations..but i’ll figure that out in time!



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i’m doing awesome! everything is planned and done. i’m just going to relax an enjoy the holidays with my family. i don’t think i have anything left to do until i send out invites in may- and all i need to do is print them.

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I am definitely feeling stressed! We went bridesmaid dress shopping for the first time this past weekend and it was a disaster. STD’s are still not ready…won’t be until december 8th…so much to do!

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@heinrica: I’m mostly in the same boat. :)

FI and I live out of the country so we planned to get engaged before I went home to visit so that I could plan the wedding.  I had 2 months visiting at my parents and pretty much got everything done in that time. (I’m back home now)

I won’t lie though, that was definitely stressful doing everything in such a short time span.  I was mostly fine but there were lots of tears and frustration intermixed with excitement and fun.  It’s a relief to have it all sorted out though.

The only things I have left to do are the STD’s – we have an engagement shoot scheduled for Saturday and will use one of the pix from that for postcard STD’s.  We’ll need to get them designed and printed still of course but that shouldn’t be too difficult.

I need to sort out table numbers and ceremony programs but a girl I know volunteered to do them for me at no cost other than the materials so she’s working with me for vision and going to do samples and make them! :) Menus need to be printed, cut and, lace edge ‘punched’ but my mom will do that. We already bought the card stock.

We’ve gotten half of the guests addresses so far (logistically needed them first) so just need to get the other half still.

I’ve booked all my vendors and bought all the acessories needed so other then actually sending the STD’s and invites, for the most part we can just enjoy the next 9 months of being engaged! yay! :)  

Oh.. and the seating chart.. I’m not looking forward to the seating chart.. I consistently hear it’s the most stressful/frustrating part.. I don’t understand why though? Thoughts?

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Sugar Beekeeper

Eh, I’m here and there. We’ve got everything done, basically, except a few things that don’t need to be done right this second (BM dresses, giving the GMs the tux info).

I AM stressing about money, because no one who’s offered to help will tell us how much they’ll help, so we have no idea what we’re going to have to pay for. Not winning the lottery didn’t help, haha. FI’s family is helping us out, but FI won’t talk to them about it, and FFIL is having money issues right now, and FMIL wants to play frustrating money games. I love her to death, and I really appreciate her help, but I wish she’d just be up front about it. She called in to my bridal salon and put money down on my dress back when it came in, and they sent me the receipt with NO note, so I freaked out, thinking they’d just charged her card. I went in and paid the remainder a few weeks later, and she was mad that I paid for it and not her. Uh, she knew I was going to try it on, did she think that I would just leave it unpaid? I am SO not a go with the flow person, so it’s really stressing me out.

Our reception venue got a new coordinator, who, despite what the email said, does NOT have any info about my wedding. I know that it’s still far out, but I’d like to think that the old coordinator just forwarded our giant email chain to her, wherein we discussed the room layout, tasting (which we already did with a group of other couples, though the old coordinator said there would be probably three more group tastings that we could attend), etc. She obviously didn’t get any of that info, since she sent me the link to the room layout site they use and told me to play around with it, and asked when we’d be free in January or February to do a tasting (I told her weekends only, and she told me that that probably wouldn’t be possible–uh, we did one on a weekend over the summer during wedding season? and hi, I can’t take off work for a tasting…well, I probably could), among other things. Sigh.

Other than that, I’m just working on DIY projects. I should probably contact my cousin about her doing our cupcakes, but she just had a baby in October, and I wanted to give her time. We bought my wedding band on Black Friday, and I finally found someone to make FI his (we had specific requirements that seemingly no one could do).

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Honey bee

@sherryberry:  I’m in the same place. I have a venue, caterer, photog, and an idea about a dress that I can’t follow up on for a few weeks… I’m pretty over it myself. We’re going really bare bones, ipod DJ, no flowers, no officiant, skipping save the dates, really simple invites that mostly are an invitation to look at our website. We’re paying ourselves so it’s not as fun as I wish it were because everything is more about money than about what we like in a lot of cases.

We’re still finding fun things but I’m in a little bit of a planning lull.

Since we’ve booked venue, caterer, and photographer, and we’re not having a DJ, officiant, flowers, save the dates… we basically just need attire/accessories/beauty stuff, miscellaneous decor items, and invites. MAYBE programs, if there’s money. There’s lots of DIY stuff to do though and logistical concerns to sort out.

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