How did you tell your SO you was pregnant!

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Bumble bee
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I called him at work to ask him if he had 2 minutes to review a document for me, then I sent him a pic of the pregnancy test by email while we were on the phone.

I couldn’t wait until he got home to tell him!

It’s much better than when I got pregnant with our oldest son, I just threw the test at him and asked him what he thought!

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Buzzing bee
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Nothing creative for me. I was too excited/surprised so when he got home 5 minutes after I took the test I just ran up to him with it. I give myself some credit for waiting until he got home at least instead of telling him on the phone while he was picking up lunch lol it is the best I could do!

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Sugar Beekeeper
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I shook him awake at 4am when I found out!

Not the nicest way… Maybe next time I’ll do something awesome!

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We were gifted at our wedding a bunch of wines for the different upcoming occasions… The bottle for our first child was called wild child, so bc I founstout at 5 am and was waiting for him to get home from work I just wrapped the wine and he knew immediately what it meant when he saw it

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Not very original for me….I took the test on a Saturday morning about 8 am, my husband was still in bed. I dawdled in the bathroom with a timer set, not looking at the test. When 5 minutes were up and I saw the two lines I was so excited. I ran back into the bedroom, turned on the light and shoved it in my husband’s face saying “Babe! Look! I knew it! I knew it!” I felt kinda bad waking him up, but come on, it was already 8! He was a little groggy but he hugged and kissed me and kept saying, “wow”

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Nothing fun here…hubby was at sea so I told him via his horrible ship phone. Ah well.

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Buzzing Beekeeper

I woke him up at 5:30am with a pee stick in his face. He was so tired and couldn’t understand what I was saying, but I just couldn’t wait.

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I’m not pregnant yet, but my mum was so cute when she found out she was pregnant with us three kids. She made a pact with my father that when she found out, she would play Handle With Care by the Traveling Wilburys over the phone/when he got home. With me, she played the song and had an “It’s a Girl!” balloon (she didn’t realise she was pregnant until quite a way in). With my sister, the song and a teddy saying “Congratulations!”. With my brother, the song and dinner. When she found out my brother’s gender, apparently she spelled out “boy” in peas that night at dinner… Strange but cute 🙂 I loved hearing those stories 🙂

With my sister and brother, my father was over the moon. He didn’t react as well with me…I’ll give him some credit, he was 19 when I was born.

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Bumble bee
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I’m not pregnant and we’re not anywhere close to TTC but in my family…how should I put this…we have more accidents than plans? Lol basically, we’re really fertile and have “whoopsie” babies. Because of this, I’ve always been really determined to plan pregnancies and therefore be able to do something cute!

ETA: My SO’s best friend’s gf told his best friend with a nice dinner and then she pulled up her shirt. She had written “We’re Pregnant” on her belly. IDK if I would do that but it worked for them

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When he got home from work I asked him to go check on the pizza inside the oven, where there was also a bun. He said pizzas not ready! I asked what else was in there? He said ya there was a bun in… And his eyes got wide. It was funny watching it finally register with him.

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Sugar bee
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I wish I had done something cute! But he was the one who suggested I take a test because my period was late. so I took it and left it on the bathroom sink and went to the living room and told him he was gonna be a dad! He jumped from the sofa ran to the bathroom and was screaming for joy!

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Bumble Beekeeper
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I called him and said “OMFG I’m pregnant!”  I was going to wait until he got home, but an hour or so later I was dying to tell him and just couldn’t wait.

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