How did your fiance propose?

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    FI proposed on the beach. It was magical and expected, but unexpected. I thought he was proposing soon, however, I wasn’t expecting it right then. (=

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    Mine FI took me on a walk to watch the sunset at a park. As the sun started going down (which happened to be beautiful that day)! He said, “you know what’s crazy” and I said, “what?” and he said, “that you have been my only girlfriend.” I said, “yup I’ve just been your only everything!” (We had been dating since high school and I was his first girlfriend/kiss – which I always teased him about). Then he said, “you know what would make me happy?” and i said “what?” and he said “if you would always be my only everything.” Then he showed me the ring and asked, “Will you be my bride?” 🙂

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    My fiance and I took a trip to New York city to hang out with her sister and also have a few romantic days of sight seeing. I am terrified to fly, and when we got in the airplane it was fairly tiny (2X2 seats) – I totally freaked out and starting taking anxiety medication and dramamine like a fiend! I was fairly high when we landed, and our original plan had been to go see the Brooklyn Bridge and eat at Grimaldi’s famous pizza. When we got to our room I wanted to sleep, but she was so nervous about proposing that she insisted we still take our trip to Brooklyn; we hailed a cab and did just that. It was raining, but on the way back she said, hey, let’s walk the Brooklyn Bridge back! It was just a sprinkle and I’m no sissy, but she kind of is, so I thought it was a tad strange but didn’t think much of it – we got to the middle of the bridge, overlooking the city on one side and Brooklyn on the other, lights all twinkly in the rain, and she got down on one knee behind me (I was looking off the observation area and paying NO attention!) FInally I realized she hadn’t said anything in awhile, turned around, and there she was with a diamond sparkling in the rain and lights from the city!!! I was pretty surprised – we had talked about getting engaged but I had NO idea she had the ring and was ready to launch. 

    One of the greatest days of my life! 

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    I’m really into knitting and crafty things. He took me for a walk in our favourite park, when we got to the bandstand he got me to sit down and said he had a present for me. He gave me a piece of cross stitch fabric folded up really small.  I unfolded it to find a picture he’d done of us with him down on one knee and a speech bubble saying ‘will you marry me?’ I looked up to find him on one knee with the ring box open at which point he said I want you to be my wife!  I had absolutely no idea he waz even thinking about proposing or that he’d learnt to cross stitch or anything!  He even managed to sneakily find out my ring size without me realising! 

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    My FI and I had only been dating about 3 and 1/2 months. He spoke of a ring several times. He kept saying “I am going to make you mine officially” or “I have been looking at rings”. So when he told me one day he bought me something and it wasn’t a gun (he had been telling me he was going to get me a new gun lol) I had an idea but because he kept saying it since we met practially I didn’t really know. He picked me up from my house in the evening around sunset and took me out by the mountains to a spot where we would go and look out over the city on our date nights (amd sometimes act like teenagers. since we both have kids, dating was hard at first trying to be affectionate if you will lol) He had me get out of his truck and walk up to this hill overlooking the valley (phoenix) and told me to close my eyes. When he told me to open them he was there with a ring and asked me to marry him. I said yes through the tears and we stood there just holding each other. I had a small feeling but he is always full of surprises. The only bummer was there was glass where I was standing so he didn’t get on one knee but ending up in the ER getting stiches would have ruined the moment more than him not being on bended knee 🙂 

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    My proposal was terrible, in the good way that it gives me a funny story to tell people. I guess FI had been planning it for a while, or at least thinking about it. We were supposed to go for a romantic weekend trip to Banff, Out in the mountains stay at a nice hotel and stuff, but it got cancelled last minute. So we were going to go out for a date night, just the two of us for dinner but his mom called us and guilt tripped him into doing dinner with her and her bf since his kids were in town. Of course, keep in mind I had no idea anything was going to happen, I just assumed that we were having bad luck. lol

    So we go for dinner with his mom and its no big deal, but beacuase my mini-vacation got cancelled and my date night got inturrupted I was a little annoyed. So when we got home I was a little bitchy, I have no idea what I said to FI but he stopped me, turned me around on our front step dropped to one knee and asked me to marry him, simple no long speech nothing.

    my first words were “ARE YOU BEING SERIOUS RIGHT NOW?” when he didn’t say anything or get up I said “I’m going to tell my mom, you can’t take it back once I tell her”

    He didn’t take it back, there was no ring but I told him yes and we went inside the house, (we live with his Brother, but only for a bit longer!) And as we walked in his brother started bitching at us about something or other and all I said was “Hey thanks for ruining my mood, we just got engaged.” The brothers legit reaction was ‘Oh Cool’ And he continued bitching.

    It was great, and I love telling people about it.

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    Mine is sort of not romantic at all. Last June, I’d just moved to a new town and FI had helped unload the truck into my new garage til I could get officially moved in (two days later). I was staying at a friend’s house in her basement for those couple of days and he stayed with me for a few hours as a sort of simple, sweet date night. It was 2 in the morning, I was getting sleepy, and we couldn’t get Monsters, Inc. to play in the portable dvd player so we were just sitting there talking. Suddenly he starts talking about proposing and “making it official” and “spending forever” together. We planned our whole wedding that night. We picked out colors, we set a date (June 7th, by the way!), we picked our bridal party and our venue. But that isn’t when he proposed. 

    Fast forward 2 weeks: I’d just gone through my pastoral licensing school, I was grouchy and tired and he woke me up early on a Saturday morning. He took me to breakfast at the place that we had our first official date and then blindfolded me, stuffed me in the car, and drove a whole two blocks and walked me inside. He took off the blindfold and we were in a jewelry store. He explained that he didn’t know exactly what ring to get me and that he’d like some help picking it out. We spent about 45 minutes looking at gemstones before I picked out a gorgeous genuine blue sapphire. 

    The nice man at the counter took $100 off the price because we looked like such a sweet couple, and then told my fiance he had to “Join the ranks and get down on one knee”. But he didn’t because if he had I would have said no. Instead we put the ring in the box, my fiance pocketed it and walked me back to the car. When we were in the car, where half of our relationship has been spent (long distance, driving back and forth, so. many. hours.) he said: “So…what do you think? Are we doing this?” And I nodded and cried and he put the ring on my hand and now we’re getting married in 10 days. 🙂

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