How do you calm a crazy cat?

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Have you gotten him fixed yet? I’ve noticed spaying/neutering cats does wonders for their craziness especially males.

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Bumble bee

I’ve been through this and it can be so stressful.  We invested in 2 things and they have saved our sanity! (our cat was scratching the bedroom door and meowing for nights on end).  It’s a little pricey but this is a godsend – SSSCAT Cat Training Spray – can be found on Amazon for $27.99 and has some great reviews.  It worked for us.  We placed it out the front of our bedroom door.  2 sprays later (humane may I add) and our cat has never tried to come back up to the bedroom door.

Feliway spray/plug in works to calm a cat.  It worked on ours (again, great reviews on Amazon -$25.99).   

Both might have been a little pricey but we both sleep now and our cat is so much calmer during the day.  

Might be worth you popping on Amazon and reading up and looking at the reviews.

Hope this helps and very best of luck.




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Busy bee

That’s what cats do haha. My cat plays with his toys at about 2am for at least an hour before coming to bed. And runs from room to room. With your schedule, the middle of the day is kind of his 2am.

To stop mine from doing it and waking me up he just needs more attention throughout the rest of the day. Play with a laser or whatever you cat’s favourite toy is and wear him out at times when you’re not sleeping. He’s probably just got a bit too much energy that needs expending.

If all else fails I have heard that Feliway that Skye mentioned works well and it’s mostly natural I think.

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My cat is like this and she only seems to have her mad taps at night. We have a spare room with her litter tray, food, water in it and whenever she started we shut her in there for the night. She did scratch at the door a bit and pulled some paint off the frame but after a couple of nights she learnt that scrathing won’t let her out of the room. Now we can ‘put her to bed’ all night in her room and she happily sleeps in there. Until she hears us wake in the morning then she mews her little lungs off because she knows it’s time to come out!

Cats are smarter than people think, give it a week or so by shuting him out and he should learn than clawing does nothing to get him into your room.

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taraelisabeth: I second skyeatnight: ‘s reccommendation about Feliway plug-ins. I’ve used them off and on ever since I adopted my cats a few years ago, and it really helps calm down my male cat when he’s acting a little out of control. My female cat doesn’t really need it, and it doesn’t seem to affect her.

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Feliway can work wonders.  We tried it for awhile and it calmed our male cat down quite a bit.  Our female cat had a negative reaction to it, though, so I’d just suggest keeping an eye on him (which I’m sure you would anyway) if you decide to go that route.

Is it only the last couple weeks he’s been like this?  Our guys always get a little crazy when it’s springtime.  It stays light longer, they blow their winter coats, and they run around like we’re putting Red Bull in their food.  If this isn’t his normal, it might just be the time of year and he’ll calm down himself in a bit.  In the meantime, maybe up your daytime play with him?  Zoom him around with a laser pointer until he’s tuckered out or get some toys all cat-nippy and give them to him in a part of the house far from your bedroom.

And I know not everyone agrees with this and some people have great success with it depending on the cat’s personality – but I don’t ever lock our animals out of our bedroom.  While I totally get your logic, I wonder if not being able to see you and be with you is winding him up even more which is just going to make him louder for longer.  Our cats are rescues with serious abandonment issues.  If they can’t find us and know we’re home, they absolutely flip out.

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My cat was the same way. FULL of energy. If we left the door open, he’d race around the apartment, and eventually when he got bored he would scratch the side of the bed & the edge of the carpet by our dresser just to wake us up. If we closed the door, he’d scratch at the door and he also tore up a decent sized hole in our carpet there too.

At first, I would be awakened and I’d stay up to entertain the cat and let my guy sleep (since he’s more miserable without sleep than I am). I would just use a laser. Eventually after a few months of only 3-4 hrs of sleep at night, I wasn’t up for it anymore. So we used this old box we had (it contained all the pots/pans we were given) and lay it flat, underneath the door so our cat couldn’t scratch the carpet anymore. We also put pet/child gate in front of the door so he couldn’t scratch anymore. He was beginning to learn how to give up bothering us after that, but then he would start meowing…

So since our previous methods weren’t really doing the job, and playing with him wasn’t tiring him out quick enough, I decided to just feed him to shut him up, haha. I started giving him half a can of wet food as a treat, and he wouldn’t really run much after that cause he was full, he didn’t fall asleep right away either but he was definitely more calmed down, so I was able to sleep more after that.

The best way to ensure you can sleep at night is to make sure your cat spends more energy during the day, play with him more if you can. I leash trained my cat so I take him on walks whenever the weather is nice. I also take him on car rides occasionally so he has something different to look at, other than the view from our apartment. My cat used to make me insane but he is pretty good now, not perfect, but definitely always improving. He is gradually being less hyper with age. He’s 10 months now. We rarely ever close him out of the room anymore, since he’s more well-behaved now. I’m sure all pets get a form of separation anxiety, so it’s for the best to let them be near you if possible

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One word: PLAY. He needs to play! Tucker him out before you go to bed so he’s tired

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taraelisabeth:  Remember to try SSSCAT Cat Training Spray if you want to keep him out of the bedroom.  Worth looking at the reviews on Amazon 

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I definitely agree with the PP about how important playtime is for an indoor cat.  People think cats are so low maintenance but they need to be stimulated or they go bonkers!

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taraelisabeth:  unfortunately he is a baby you need to tucker him out play until he starts panting my little man is almost 4 and I still have to tucker him out. I don’t know how I feel about the training spray it would make your bedroom a no go zone forever. but that’s just me my cat loves our bedroom I can’t band him forever. Invent new fun game because you’re tired when you get home I feel you FI and I too. so our new game FI or I round up socks usually dirty but only because we just can toss them back in the hamper and there in little balls from taking them off. but we sit on the couch and he sits on the other side of the living room and we toss them in the air and he jumps and catches them! he will do it for hours and we can just sit on the couch and play. As a last resort we have catnip toys (or minty toys) my cat only get it if he’s being a crazy man at night keeps him quiet and entertained. Allot of cat toys have catnip but a good quality one. get organic catnip from a spice company and have a little refillable toy he goes crazy for it. we keep it tucked away and only take it out occasionally.

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