How does this look to you? Poorly done ring resize.

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Bumble bee
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Even though you are the only one that’ll see the bottom of your ring, I would still be upset. I’d go back and voice your concerns. Personally, that’d drive me nuts. They have to be able to smooth that out. You paid for the plan and you deserve to be 100% happy with your ring, especially since you’ll be wearing it every day.

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wow…you can really tell..yikes. I worked for a jewerly store for a couple years and I can tell you that I don’t think that’s right at all. The only thing I could think of as to why they left it like that would be that they were afraid to polish it out too much because of the detail on the sides of the resizing…they didn’t want to damage that…however, I’m sure someone could have came up with away to do a little better job.

I don’t think your wrong either asking them to find a way to fix it or get your money back…I would do the same thing. sorry and good luck!!

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Honey bee
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Uh fuck that. That is a miserable job. I would be talking to a manager. I don’t like confrontation either but that’t not acceptable. 

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I mean yeah I would be extremely mad.  I would probably demand that they replace the entire ring and resize it for free.  I’m pretty sure they ruined it.  There’s no way they needed to get solder on that whole area to go up one size.  Take someone with you to support you when you go back in.  Preferrably someone who is bossy.

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Bumble bee

Wowww is it like bent looking? I can’t totally tell but it def doesn’t look right


i got my ring resized from a 6 1/2, maybe a 7 i cant remember, to a 4 at Shane co for $50 and you seriously cannot even tell it was ever resized and non of my pave have fallen out (knock on wood) they actually instead of thinning the band out when resizing made it a tad thicker and sturdier. It’s perfect. I would def ask them to fix it 


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Busy bee
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Last year I had a gold ring resized from 6-7 and you can’t tell where they did it.  I had the ring for 16 years so I know it’s thinner width wise and depth where they resized it but no one else would know.  Also the reason it’s thinner is they asked if I wanted gold added and I said no if it could be done and still structurally sound.  It’s a really wide ring anyhow so thinner on the bottom was a good thing.  It has wrap around stones on each side (to top to the left, bottom to the right) and they didn’t have much more room to work with than your ring, maybe just a tiny bit.  I paid $34.

I’d definitely ask them to fix it.  It looks like it should be smoothed/buffed and polished … like they did 7/8th of the job then stopped :/.  Looks like it would be fine if they finished it.  🙁  Hope you get it fixed easily!

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Busy bee
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My Fis ring had a similar bump. We said they had to re do it.  It was unacceptable to live with.  


As far as your ring being a certain scenario, I have no idea what they can or can’t do. However from a customer service stand point they need to figure it out.  For all they know you could spend thousands of more dollars with them. They should be gracious. and make you feel like a valued customer so that you’d actually want to do business with them again.  


I would have expected to be told my ring wasn’t capable of being sized down properly before it was done.  

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It definitely isn’t the quality of work that you’d expect from a reputable jeweler who offers such a warranty.  i would most certainly voice my concern and get my money back to take to be resized correctly.

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Busy bee
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I sympathise with you. We had my engagement ring very poorly resized for 160 bucks (yes 160) and the guy pretty much made it a weird shape and you could see the line where it was rejoined and it wasn’t smooth. I was so upset. This guy gave us no warning about what my ring would look like after he resized it. It was even uncomfortable to wear. We were stupid in our case, and should have checked with the company we bought from though, they said they wouldn’t have tried to resize, they ended up replacing the entire setting, so we were out 1600 or something. We should have complained to this guy that ruined it, but never did. You really have to be careful with resizing, don’t you? Anyway, good luck, I hope your mom can help you out with some good advice.


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I only recently stopped working for a jewelry chain.  It can feel like a shady industry. That ring is delicate, but looks solid enough to be smoothed out more.  The resizing isn’t great, but looks more than fixable.

You mentioned that you paid $130 for the warantee?  If you were going to redip (which you mentioned that you didn’t care about) I’d say the warantee is worth it.  Where I live it’s about $70 every time you redip, which is often every 3-4 years.   

However, if you really felt that you were only using it for the one resize, it definitely isn’t.  Any store I’m familiar with usually has one complimentary sizing to get the standard-sized  display piece to the correct size.

The warantee often covers “twice annual inspections” or something of the like to check your jewelry to make sure nothing’s wrong (prongs need retipping, cracked/damaged/missing diamonds etc..)  and give your jewelry a clean.   As much as the salesperson doing the inspection DOES check for these things, the main goal is to get you back into the store to show you complimentary items/get you talking about upcoming birthdays and anniversaries, in hopes that you’ll buy something while you’re there.

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Wow, it looks totally bent, not good. I’d be pissed. Take it back!

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Busy bee
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Get it fixed! My ring was shoddily resized and I can see the line. I never went back because I was so sick of the jeweler but it bothers me every time I look at it!

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