How was everyone's weekend?

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Helper bee

Friday i worked then went to the rehersal dinner for my hubbys best friend… saturday i had an antique shopping date with my parents, then me & DH went to the wedding…it was so beautiful!!! Today we went christmas shopping for our outside decor & i put up & decorated our tree.  He is cooking gumbo while we watch the texans game….then WALKING DEAD (our favorite show). Great weekend!!!!!!

hope everyone else had a great weekend also!!!  (((:

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Bumble bee

My DH is out of state for two weeks so I didn’t do much. Laid around, cleaned, should have packed my hospital bag. This is going to be the slowest two weeks of my life…

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Honey bee

Ugh it wasn’t so good. I was in a bad mood most of the weekend because of what happened on Friday at work and what I have to “look forward” to tomorrow. My house is a MESS! We’re having company this coming weekend, then company for Thanksgiving and then two days later company again over the weekend. And meanwhile my apartment is in shambles which gives me anxiety, because I need to buckle down and keep this place clean for the next 2 weeks or I’m never going to be able to handle having company so many times in a row – not to mention all the cooking. 

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Sugar bee

Not over yet because I have tomorrow off of work!! Yay! Which is perfect because I’m going to apply at a company close by. I am fed up with my job and B**** of a boss.

She thinks it’s cute that she got in the way of a promotion for me? Hmm… wonder if she will think it’s so cute when I tell her to shove it and I quit!!

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Bumble bee

Tons of family time this weekend! :) Spent Saturday having a picnic with Mr. O, then seeing my two neices compete at a karate competition, and then the mall and a movie. Today we went to my grandma’s house where a bunch of my family was a just hung out, saw his family to eat. Ending it with Revenge and Dexter now.

Good weekend! 

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Busy bee

not as productive as planned, but snowy and wintery and lovely!

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Helper bee

It was my birthday on Friday – took the day off and SO and I took the ferry to a nearby island – it was a beautiful sunny day and we spent most of the day on the beach. Then went home, had a birthday dinner with FMIL & FFIL. Then family time and seeing lots of friends on Saturday and birthday drinks that night with FSIL. Then jungle themed baby shower on Sunday and the dance classes I do – I’m knackered!!!!

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Bumble bee

I baked cupcakes, went to a baby shower, went to the movies and saw Taken 2 and cleaned the house.

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Busy Beekeeper

Friday stayed over at FI’s house, Saturday didn’t do much, just hung around the house, Sunday we went Christmas shopping and cooked dinner at my place. Oh and had a great weekend in other ways ;) Now it’s Monday night and I can’t wait for the weekend to come around again!

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Buzzing bee

Saw the new James Bond movie. Other than that, my weekend was uneventful.

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