Hyphenating Names Socially But Keeping them Legally?

posted 1 year ago in Names
  • poll: Does socially hyphenating sound like a good compromise based on our situation?
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    I think that would work well. You could also choose to hyphenate your name and he doesn’t have to. You can hyphenate legally, but only use both when you choose. My first marriage I hyphenated legally, he didn’t, but I used my last name without the hyphen professionally. I think the hyphen allows you to have the option of using whichever name you choose.

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    Socially, I go by his and I haven’t had any problems because of it.  It works well for us!  I do forget sometimes when sending out cards, as I use my last name much more for things like work, doctor’s appointments, etc. than I do for social situations.

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    I planned to go by his socially and use my own name professionaly/legally.  It didn’t seem to cause any issues at all, but Canada’s a teeny bit different in that you don’t do a “legal name change” regardless, you just have the right to assume his as a legal alias.

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    You can go socially by hisname or yourname-hisname, although I personally don’t see the point of making the point of saying it’s hyphenated in social situations. 


    Are you going to explain that you’re only taking it socially or just correct people when they say it wrong?

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    I’m keeping my name, as well, and I’m considering socially hypenating it when I have kids.  I dunno though… The whole name changing thing seems like such a hassle!

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    I plan to hyphenate my name. I will use his last name in social situations but I have children from previous who have my last name and I do not want to give up my last name for that reason. I think you should do what is best for you both. 

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