I am overwhelmed, disappointed, and freaking out (pics)

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No need to freak out just yet – you’ve still got more than a year to go.  Don’t bow to the pressure from stylists – of course they want to lock you in, but there’s no way everyone is going to be booked more than a year out.  I don’t really have any recommendations for hair in South Jersey, but my sister (who works in Freehold, about an hour north of you) is a professional hairdresser and did my wedding hair, and it came out great.  I can give you contact info if you are interested.  Don’t panic, no matter what – you WILL find someone who can do what you want.

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Your wedding is almost TWO YEARS away.  I live in a major city and booked all my vendors 4 months before my wedding.  It will be fine.  First off, I would suggest letting a stylist work with your hair – it might never be able to look exactly like the photos.  More importantly, why do you have to decide now???  Your tastes may change in the next TWO YEARS.  No need to carve anything in stone now.  Hell, my idea changed in 2 months – I thought I wanted half-up, half-down, but once it started getting warm out I realized that all up was the way to go.

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If you keep going like this you’re going to give yourself a stroke long before 2014.

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You totally have time to keep searching! And NEVER feel the need to settle on a hair & makeup person, just keep hunting for the perfect fit – you’ll find it! 

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Does Smithville have a room for everyone to use to get ready for makeup and hair? Is it just for you or the BP and Moms as well? What time is everything scheduled to begin?

Lots of stylists will travel, so try not to get crazy right now. Not sure about charges for trials (some do and some don’t), but I know several who may/will be available.

Are you sure you want to do trials right now since the wedding is still so far away? You may change your mind a million times before then.

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Awe hun, I hope you take a day off of wedding planning so you can feel refreshed to start again. I am a makeup artist in Miami, and most brides don’t book their makeup services unless they are 5 months away. The pictures you are showing are gorgeous & I’m sure that the right hair & makeup team will make you look BEAUTIFUL for your wedding day.



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why not concentrate on finding a good stylist fornow and worry about wedding plans much closer to wedding. Instead of focusing on what styles people have on their sites start using different people to cut/style over the next year and if anyone stands out ask about their availability.

I would be worried that since most hair/mua are independant they wouldnt be around when it was wedding time. if you book w a solon thete is the chance of that girl leaving etc.


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Please don’t stress out; you’ll find someone.  This is the time to enjoy the process and every moment, at least that’s what I keep telling my stressed-out daughter too….lol.  She’s getting married 3/23/14.

Relax and breathe, you have plenty of time.  Remember to ask for references from recent weddings and pictures.  And if they don’t call back for respond to emails, move on – you’re right when you say it’s unprofessional.  The last thing you want if for a stylist to be a no show the day of your wedding.

It will work out – I wish you all the best.

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