I can’t be the only active duty military bride in the Hive….can I??

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Sugar bee

There’s at least one Navy lady on here, but the rest, I’m not sure.


Sorry I’m not one. :(    (Although, I have considered since I met him and it kind of makes a lot of sense.)

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Blushing bee

I’m not military, but I’m grateful that you are and for your service.  :)

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Bumble Beekeeper

Im not active duty, but Im a military wife (USAF).

Welcome to the hive! I love MAC lipgloss too. :)

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Buzzing bee

i’m a military SO, if that makes you feel any better.

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You go girl, just got off active duty (Navy). I put off getting married until now, it was damn hard to try to juggle both military demands and relationship demands. Not that I wasn’t in relationships but my ex-s were in the military as well so always a long distance thing. I think thats cool your guy supports you, I found it almost impossible to date civilain guys, I think it bothered them that I had manlier job than they did Tongue out. Anyway, congratulations and diva it up you have earned it!

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Helper bee

I was Active duty through my wedding plannning process. Got out a little over a year ago now! : (   Medical reasons!!!


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You’re not alone. We’re both Active Duty and affiliated with the Department of the Navy. I’m older but he outranks me. Our dates of promotion are on the same day too. :) He’s a Marine Infantry Officer, I’m a Navy Officer in the Nurse Corps. We BOTH know how to hurt you! They, the USMC, just have better advertising. :) . We met over and struck up a friendship in SE Asia in 2011,  then I returned to CONUS. We didn’t start to officially date until I was here for 4 months. We’re 16/17 time zones apart but love knows no distance. 

It’s 1JAN13 and this is my first post. :) I can’t wait for our relationship to progress so that I can share more stuff. Ooorah, get some!!!!

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I’m active duty too!  Getting maried May 2013 to an my active duty FI…pray for us lol

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Helper bee

 I’m royal navy/ h2bs RAF. But I’m not active service at the moment and I’m not american so I “don’t do it all as only an american woman can” whatever that is supposed to mean :P

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