I don't know what to do.

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  • poll: what should I do?
    Go all out Bridezilla on everyone : (37 votes)
    36 %
    Continue to let other people make decisions for my wedding. : (0 votes)
    buy another dress and try and sell the other one : (61 votes)
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    suck it up it is just one day and let everyone feel like the had a part in something : (5 votes)
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    You really need to love your dress or else you’ll feel like you compromised on the most personal decision for your wedding. The dress is such a big part of a wedding, and something that you’ll look back on fondly (hopefully) for years.  If you don’t love your dress, I’d say look around until you find the one that YOU (not someone else) love then sell the first dress.  You have to be happy, and not being happy with that other dress will continue to bug you and cause you a lot of undue stress.

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    I said go Bridezilla, but not in THAT way. At the end of the day, it’s your wedding. People care about it, but it will never be as important to them as it is to you. You have to like your own wedding. I think it’s in the rules somewhere. Smile

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    You can stand up for yourself without going all “Bridezilla” on everyone.

    Grow a spine and start telling people it’s your wedding and not theirs before it’s not your wedding at all.

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     Please take charge or you will regret it. I dont think anyone will hate you

    for it and if they do then that’s their problem.

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    @radar:  It’s still not to late to get another dress. If you’re afraid of hurting her feeling, get the dress you loved/wanted and change into it for the reception. Without telling anyone of course. :)

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    @awndrayuhh:  “I said go Bridezilla, but not in THAT way. At the end of the day, it’s your wedding. People care about it, but it will never be as important to them as it is to you.


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    I think you’re well overdue for your Bridezilla moment! Seriously though, this is your wedding and these will be your memories. I will compromise on many things, but I feel my choice of dress isn’t one of them. It will directly impact how you feel on the day.

    I would try and discuss the issue with her calmly, hopefully she’ll understand.

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    Go and try on more dresses – by yourself – before you decide anything. And post photos here if you can. There’s a fair chance you’re just second guessing yourself and the Maggie is actually the best dress for you.

    But, if you try on others and prefer them, go for it. I think as long as it has some kind of drama, if not necessarily pick-ups, then I think your mum will go along with it.

    Also, I think wedding dresses, being what they are, deserve to be worn by someone who loves them and feels at her best in them. There’s a bride out there who would LOVE to have your Maggie dress for the kind of price you could sell it for. And there could well be a dress out there that is you more than your current one is.

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    I think you can tell everyone no. That is, everyone except your FI. It’s your wedding, and his wedding, no one elses. Get a new dress, your mother doesn’t have to wear it, who cares if she likes it?

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    @radar:  Hey there! How did your appointment go today? Here are the pics of the dress I messaged you about……..let me know what you think!

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    @radar:  im so sorry your going thru this BS i want thru the same thing. and now i have taken back my wedding plans without saying a word i dont ask anyone anything no more i just simply do what i want my MOH who is also going to be my SIL did not want to be in periwinkle and it was really upseting me but the color dident go with my decor of blue anyway but when i did find the shade of blue i wanted i did not ask her i simply TOLD her what color blue she was going to wear THE END! lol i hate to be this way but if i let her and my mom and everyone else voice ther opinions some how they wind up trying to take sh@t over and there not paying WE ARE me and the FH are pauing for everything. you have to in a nice way take control back this is your day and you want to remember it with your special touches not theres. change your dress get the dress you love i know your moms paying but its not her day!

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