I feel like my daughter is behind…

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From the non-parent perspective:

I caught an episdoe of a Q&A with a doctor and parents with premies.  They were talking about ‘adjusted’ age.  One of the moms wanted to know if her child would always be a few months behind.  It made me laugh.  The doctor ask her how old she was, and when she gave it in years he asked how many months – I think that got the point across.


As long as your daugther is still within the normal range, and there’s no indications of some type of disability you should relax a bit about this.  Kids reach milestones at different times, and even the the ‘early’ kids won’t be early with everything and ditto for the ‘late’ kids.  Some kids might be speaking early, but be behind the median for eye-hand coordination skills.

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MrsPhishBee:  My son was born 7 weeks early to the day.

He was sitting up around 6 months.  He crawled in the late part of his 9th month– but didn’t enjoy it, so didn’t do it much.  He was walking when he was 13 months, and weighed exactly 20 pounds when he turned 1.  None of those are adjusted ages- those are how old he was from when he was born.


It doesn’t sound like your daughter is terribly behind.  The fact that she’s almost sitting is great!  If she wasn’t able to at all, I might be concerned.  Like I told you- my son didn’t crawl until the end of his 9th months- so when he was your daughter’s age, he wasnt crawling at all.

Don’t fret– bring these things up wiht the DR at her check-up if you are concerned, and they will let you know if they are concerned.

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MrsPhishBee:  Babies really do vary greatly on when they accomplish things. If you’re really worried I would speak to your pedi about it. I’m a mom of an almost 9 month old as well and I don’t think your daughter is terribly behind, if behind at all. All these little advancements will happen so suddenly you’ll wonder what you were ever worrying about!

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MrsPhishBee:  Not a lot you can do about when they get their teeth. My daughter was over a year old when her teeth finally came in (all at once), while her older brother had teeth come in at 8 months. I can understand a parent being concerned about development, it’s only natural. But, speak to your pediatrician if you truly have concerns. 

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15 pounds at 9 months? um something is wrong there. My son is 5 months and weighs 16 and a half pounds. You should talk to her pediatriation that doesn’t sound right at all.

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MrsPhishBee:  My son was crawling by 10 months, walking by the time he was 1.5 years old and he didn’t talk much until he was about 2.5 to 3. He said words but only here and there. theni t was like one day he started with full sentences out of nowhere. My youngest sister on the other hand, was walking and even talking by 10 months old. She’s only 2 years older than my son. So I was convinced that he was “slow” with hitting milestones. Which just wasn’t true.   He just did things at his own pace. to be honest, he was just lazy I think lol. He knew how to do things much earlier than he actually did them, he just didn’t care to to them when there were easier ways of going about things. Like walking, he could stand and even walk but he chose to crawl, like he would start walking than he would plop down and crawl because it was easier. Same with talking. He coudl say a lot of things, but would instead motion or point because it was easier. It wasnt’ until we stopped responding to those gestures and started forcing him to use his words instead. the point is that, your daughter sounds just fine to me, sometimes it just takes a little more time and some extra work to hit certain milestones, but I do not think she’s super behind or out of normal range.

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MrsPhishBee:  my friend has 2 girls. The older one NEVER crawled. She scooted and rolled. One day, she stood up and the next day she was running. The younger one is now 1&1/2. She just started crawling last week, and this week she starting cruising on the furniture. She’ll probably be walking next week.

These 2 babies are perfect, and so is yours 🙂

Correction: the younger baby is 15 months.

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These are normalish fears. Babies really do develop on their own timelines. From your description, she sounds totally fine.

Just forget about the teeth. My son only had a tooth and a half by his first birthday and is still very slow getting them in (I know kids who’ve had a full set by his age). That isn’t indicative of anything!<br /><br />

Some kids just aren’t that physically motivated. My son started crawling at six months but wasn’t sitting up stably on his own until a few months later (he did a lot of side-sitting and arm-propping, super cute!). We thought he was super advanced, but then he crawled for the next seven months and didn’t start walking until well after his first birthday (probably 13.5 months).

It all evens out in the end!

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Your daughter doesn’t sound terribly behind. Maybe a tiny bit- but kids all go at their own pace. I would not worry too much yet until a pediatrician says you need to.

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MrsPhishBee:  Oh- totally forgot to mention the teeth thing.  So my preemie had 4 teeth when he was 4 months old- and they all came in at once.  My nephew who was born full term- he had no teeth at nine months, either.  He’s 11 months – almost a year, and just not has a couple teeth.  Babies REALLY vary in the tooth department!

Same with our friend’s baby who was born the same month as nephew– I saw him at 7/8 months and he had absolutely no teeth- although I don’t know when they finally came in!

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Bored6:  Your comment in uncalled for.  My son was the same at nine months- but was 20 pounds, three months later at his one year.  Her baby may be in a lower percentile– but technically, she’s not malnurished.  

My son has always been on the lower end of the weight spectrum- and weights 46 pounds at six years old.

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