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yes it just hit me yesterday.  Luckily, FI wants to TTC shortly after our March wedding.  It came out of nowhere though, I’ve been petrified about it and trying to convince FI to wait a year before trying, so needless to say he’s pretty happy I’ve come around! 

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Not me… my FI!!! He has two friends that have little guys, and I think he’s just really looking forward to having kids. I’m the one who’s like…. ehhhhhh. We both definitely want a family someday, but we won’t start actively trying until the holiday season in 2015.

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A little, haha. FI starts a 2-year RCP program right after the wedding, so we were going to have to wait 2-3 years, but it might be less than that. Depends on where we are financially, I suppose. This is a really terrible reason, but part of it has to do with how shitty FBIL and FSIL are to his mom and barely let her see her grandson (FI’s nephew).

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I am so with you, I see babies everywhere and they are all so darn cute.  But I am only 20 and will not have one sooner then 25, thank goodness for FI because he brings me down to earth when I go to baby land.

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It took me a long time to make the decision that I want to have a child. My fiance was all gung-ho but I wasn’t sure. In fact I wouldn’t let him propose until I figured it out. And honestly I probably could have gone either way. But my fiance definately wanted at least 1. I’m very sure that once it’s here I will enjoy being a mother but I probably could have been happy not having kids as well. We’ll probably start trying before too long just because I don’t want to wait to late, biologic clocks and I hate the idea of being an “old” parents. But everytime I think about pregnancy and delivery I just want to try to talk him into adoption. I’m definately jaded because I’ve had several friends that have had very bad prenancy and deliveries, but it freaks me out.

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me. but we’re not getting married until 10/2014. so yeah.

i have baby fever like crazy. doesn’t help that his mother asks us all the time. however, i know that neither of us are ready.

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