I love my ring, why does nobody else?

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Busy bee
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The link you posted is dead. 

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Amazing story❤️, I’m like u married my best friend and my first love and it is also my second marriage… I can’t open your link but could see the ring in your info and it is beautiful, elegant and classic and timeless 👌

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A lot of people say “cute”, “lovely” as a compliment with no idea that people interpret it negatively. My mum has referred to my engagement ring more than once as my “little ring” because as a solitaire, it is physically smaller than the 3 stone heirloom engagement ring she passed on to me. She’s not being a bitch, she often says “Your little ring does sparkle!”, – my husband rolls his eyes if he’s there, having paid for the “little” ring!

A lot of people think it’s bad manners to effuse over other people’s material things too much; a lot of people think focussing on the woman’s ring rather than the engagement is crass.
When I got engaged, plenty of people didn’t ask about or comment on the ring, they just congratulated me; most people said something like “Ooh! That’s lovely/gorgeous!” A very few were effusive. Also rings just aren’t a big deal to a lot of people. I never showed my ring to people without them asking, or posted ring pictures except anonymously on here and Pricescope

Do you share your specs with people in real life? It’s normal and fine on here, but unless people ask, I wouldn’t do it in real life, it can come across as bragging and could make people back off being enthusiastic. A 0.75 D VVS1 Ideal cut is a very precious object indeed, I doubt anyone disagrees.

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Helper bee

When people see your ring that don’t see the lovely proposal or your unique story – they just see a ring. It’s not a symbol for them of the great love you two are sharing like it is for you.

When I look at my friends’ rings – I just see rings – some I like, some I don’t. When I look at my ring my face glows and I can’t but smile. Because it’s mine, we picked it together, it’s our ring.

You can’t expect people to have the same emotions towards your ring as you do. Do you really pay that much attention to other rings?


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Buzzing bee
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As PP said, to everyone else, it’s just a ring, like the hundreds they see on people every day. Rings are only “special” to the people giving and receiving them. When someone shows me their ring, I tell them it’s beautiful and move on. 

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Don’t get caught up in what other people say. The fact that you are letting it bother you that people aren’t freaking out sounds like you are getting caught up in it as well. Focus on the fact that you will be marrying the person of your dreams, and the symbol of marriage.

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Busy bee

Your ring sounds gorgeous and perfect – those specs sound amazing!  But most importantly, you love your ring so much and that’s ALL that matters. Not everyone is going to love your ring the way you do for whatever reason (not their style, jealousy, don’t like rings, etc.).  Don’t worry about them.  People will always make comments that you might not like, but that is life.  I love my ring to bits and I had one friend tell me “it’s cute” and I was like, really?  I’ve never gotten “cute” before but there’s always a first time. LOL.

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Blushing bee

Why does no one else love your ring? Because people are assholes and constantly comparing others to themselves. 

Your diamond sounds literally perfect. If other people make negative comments, don’t take them to heart. 

My diamond is a .80 ct and for the first two months of my engagement I was told it was “so small” and asked “does he have a low income?” By family members, friends, one stranger asked me why FI didn’t get me a “real diamond.” 

People project their own feelings and insecurities onto others. My FI spent more money on my surprise ring than I would ever imagine and it really shows in the quality of my diamond. When you see those giant 3+ct stones, there’s a pretty good chance they aren’t diamonds, but most people don’t realize that. 

He bought you an extremely high quality diamond. Love it and him for all they are worth. 

💕💕rise above the haters, bee. 

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Busy bee

My experience has been that people don’t gush about rings that much in real life.  I’ve never been in a situation where everyone circles the bride and oohs and aahs over her ring, like you would see in a rom com.  When I first got engaged, only a handful of people asked to see my ring, and I got the “pretty!” and “he did good!” comments, and then we moved onto the next subject.

I hate to say it but the only time I have seen anyone comment for more than a second is when someone has a really big ring or something really unusual.  One of my coworkers has a very wide yellow gold band as her engagement ring  and she got a lot of comments because it’s not the norm around here.  Same with a coworker that has a sapphire ring.  A solitaire doesn’t get that much attention.

The main point should be that you love your ring.  I have a halo and a lot of Bees hate halos.  Dones’t matter to me one bit.  I love my ring and I don’t let other’s opinions or lack of gushing bother me.

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“Why does no one else love your ring? Because people are assholes and constantly comparing others to themselves”

Nope.  It’s more that others don’t really care and most of the time will just give a generic compliment, which is fine.  No one has to love your ring other than you.

I don’t fawn over others rings, mostly because I don’t like others fawning over mine.

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Honey bee

lbf22 :  Awww sweetie, I’m sure your ring is lovely- and even more important is the sentimental value. IA with what redmango :  says, that people don’t gush about rings that much in real life- unless really big or unusual. I can relate though- I really love my ring….lol I don’t even know the specs- it’s a round 6 prong solitaire prob .5-.6??? That’s all of my ring knowledge in one sentence 🙂 And the 6 prongs give it a ‘snowflake’ look- and it’s extra special to me because my daughter & step-daughter (2nd marriage for us too) helped him pick it out. But as much as I love it, a lot of people in our circles/ families tend to have a lot more $$$ than us, so many of their rings are bigger & fancier- lol I think you can see a few of them from Google Earth….so while people congratulated us and made nice comments on the ring, I don’t think ppl were really blown away by my ‘sweet’ ring 🙂

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Helper bee

I’m not sure why people say what they say, sometimes myself included. I’ve heard all kinds of comments on my ring. It has a vintage look but it’s not vintage. People have made comments like ‘so smart of you to save money by using your grandmas ring!’ Ring isn’t my grandmas. It’s a actual diamond and I’ve lost track of how many people have said something like ‘better have this checked, I don’t think it’s real. ‘

you love your ring, that’s all that matters.

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