I think we started TTC last night.

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We are wanting to start trying right after our June wedding and I am terrified that it won’t be easy. I don’t have any indication of issues, but I worry about this every day. For me, seeing some friends have difficulty and reading all the TTC boards on here seems to be what is making me paranoid. Good luck sweetie! Keep us posted Smile

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When DH and I started TTC it wasn’t awkward, but it made me a bit anxious.  I was nervous, scared, excited, and well everything (except angry mind you). Its normal to feel this way. You are making a a concious decision that is going change your life! So exciting! Good luck!

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Honey bee
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We decided in mid-October (4 months after the wedding) to start TTC….we kinda chose on an odd month though, because not only was it already halfway through my cycle, but during my FW (fertile window) he was away for work, and we only had one day to try.

^The talk we had at dinner that month before we started trying exposed soooo many emotions and anxiety in me! But it was amazing to know we agreed on something so magical.  

I put a lot of pressure on myself and us that month.

November we decided to take a different approach, since I have no known reproductive issues (just an ovarian cyst on my left that i’ve ALWAYS had) and longer cycles with painful heavy periods.  Never on birth control. We decided to be more relaxed, I haven’t bought crazy amounts of tests, i’m not tracking my CM, not using any app except my normal period and sex tracker.

We don’t schedule our BD at all…we have a healthy sex life and that’s enough for me.  I actually wanted to avoid being full term in the deep of New York Summer…but at this point I don’t care, we’re just having fun!!! Even if nothing happens until next year.

So good luck to you!

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@cbco:  Thank you!!!!  The let’s have fun approach was what we originally wanted/planned…but I got carried away…it’s a little easy to do that when you’re on wedding bee nesting boards.  I would just stay true to your plan, and what’s right for you as a couple! 

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I think at first, at least for the first few months… It’s best to just enjoy having sex with no protection. Don’t pay attention to the horror stories, there’s no reason too yet. If you read the Internet, you’d think EVERYONE had fertility issues, and that’s just not the case. (I have issues, so I’m not trying to downplay everyone elses struggles). My point is that, since you have no reason to suspect there’s an issues, don’t go looking for one. 

Just keep it in the back of your mind that 10-17 days after your period starts is likely your “window” to get pregnant, so make sure you get some action in during that time, but don’t make it a chore. 

Theres nothing worse then “hunny, I’m ovulating, we HAVE to have sex now” that’s not exactly sexy. 

(I understand that sometimes that is necessary, but in op’s case, it isn’t). 

Just relax and enjoy this close time with your husband.

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