Ideas for Studio Decorating?

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Bee Keeper

Can you get some of those cute room dividers? 

There’s a lot of cool ones you can choose like this: 


or this: 

or even use a bookshelf like this: 

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Bumble bee

I’ve always loved the bookshelf idea.  I lived in a studio in DC for a few years and remember how hard it was to divide space.  One thing I did was to install curtains around my bed.  I had my Dad install cheap pipe to the ceiling and hung curtains from it.

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Sugar bee

I think that the Expedit bookshelf by Ikea works awesome as a room divider.  It’s adds functional storage and looks good, it’s sturdy enough to stand away from the wall, and it comes in large sizes.  

If you don’t like the Ikea price try Craigslist.  It’s a popular item so if you live in a city you’re bound to find something.

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