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Sugar bee

My DH actually gave me the second ering contender as a wedding gift. It’s this one but a replica with a larger RB in the center.

I love it so much and I honestly had no idea he was going to do it. Even now, he jokingly says, “What woman gets both erings that she wanted? Ridiculous!”

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Honey bee

Mine and an identical one in yellow gold. Because I hate having on YG jewelery and wearing a WG ering (which is why 90% of my jewelery is WG). Yes I have the same problem with black and brown (90% of my stuff is black or goes with black, so when I have a brown based outfit its very difficult for me to put it together).

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Helper bee

First Ring Is Mine

Second Ring is my dream ring.

I love my ring more than anything. I had always wanted a ring that was like my moms and looked like a star. I found the second ring after I already was engaged. I couldn’t be happier with what I have, but I had to laugh when the second ring pop’d up.

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Sugar Beekeeper

Mine would have to be the “first” ring I ever saw after Mr TTR and I decided to get married / engaged.

We were in Myrtle Beach on vacation and it was in a Zales Outlet Store.  I have NEVER seen anything like it since (and I searched for a solid 6 weeks after coming back home)

It was a Princess Quad setting, with 3 tiers to it (like layers to a Wedding Cake). And each layer was a mass of diamonds… the bottom layer was rounds, the middle layer was baguettes, and the upper layer was the Princess Quad.  But it was very unique and unusual, because the Princess Quad was set on the diagonal.  There were also pave diamonds on the sides of each layer… like I said, a mass of glitter!!  Definitely more Cocktail Ring than a traditional E-Ring.

Because it was “early days”… and the issues that bringing home Jewellery from abroad can have… we decided to wait, and find something once we were back home in Canada.

Sadly, I’ve not seen another like it since… either in person or on the Internet (and I scoured the web for hours and hours after coming back home to Canada)

To be truthful… I LOVE the E-Ring I do have… and in all honesty I couldn’t be happier.  It is a ring that BOTH Mr TTR and I fell in love with that we found at a private family-owned Jewellery Store… and it is actually of a higher quality than the ring I found at Zales in MB.  So the “original” ring is far behind me now.

BUT I can say, if I ever see it again… I am pretty sure that I will purchase it as a Right Hand Ring… it really made that big of an impression on me… and for sentimental reasons, it would always make me remember that particular vacation when we finally made up our minds to marry.


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@honeygoldbee:  Still haven’t got it yet… but this is what we’re leaning towards:

For my second one I’d get a yellow diamond, maybe something like this:

I was considering getting a canary for my e-ring but I am not sure I’d want a yellow stone day in and day out. I do LOVE them but something more classic for my e-ring might work better.

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Honey bee

This is my ring, it came as a set (2nd pic)

If I could have a second set it would be this

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Buzzing bee

my actual ring:

but i would loooove a halo cushion ring. They are gorgeous!

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I have a pretty intricate Verragio which I love  However, I really like the look of a plain solitaire because there are so many beautiful wedding band options/stacks. 

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My ring:


My dream ring (which can be purchased right here on Etsy), though I would probably get an aquamarine or moissy in the middle instead of a diamond:

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