Im a Makeup Artist- Heres my look for my wedding, Opinions? *PIC HEAVY*

posted 1 year ago in Beauty
  • poll: Do my OWN Wedding Makeup?
    Yes, it looks amazing! : (180 votes)
    82 %
    No ..Im great at doing makeup, Ive done it myself and its too stressful on your wedding day : (40 votes)
    18 %
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    I think you look flawless- great job!! if it were me, i’d lighten up the liner on the bottom a bit, but do whatever you’re comfortable doing.

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    @Stina11287:  I would do white on the water line and something different with the lips (they look too pale or like they have nothing on them anymore) but I love everything else about the look!

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    Looks great!  I wish I could do my own makeup like that :)

    Do you think you’ll get flustered while doing your own?  I know on my wedding day, we were on a tight deadline.  I also know that if my eyeliner isn’t perfect or a made a mistake, I get annoyed and it takes me a while to fix and/or get it perfect.


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    The eyeliner is way too thick. I would skip liner on the bottom and do white on your waterline to open up your eyes more. 

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    @Stina11287:  I’m super picky too!  Where in NY are you? I love your makeup can you do mine??? You’re hired! haha

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    I can’t quite fige out your poll, but:


    I say go for it!    If that’s the look you wear every day (or for dressy occasions, etc), then do it. I think he single most important part of wedding day makeup is to always look like yourself.

    I’m no MUA, but I do love makeup, and wear it daily.  I did my own makeup, makeup for one of my bridesmaids, and my MoH’s false eyelashes.

    I found it really calming to do something that I know I had complete control over, and that felt routine and easy. It definitely calmed me a little.

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