Imagining the Post-Antibiotics Future

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Freaks me out too.

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That is completely terrifying!

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I always try to avoid antibiotics wherever possible.

I was a bit shocked when I had a tropical ulcer though (got it abroad). I went looking for medical care in the UK when I got back and got several opinions which I thought were really wrong.

Doctors: Here, have a long term course of penicillin to clear that up.

Me: Er… well, I know from experience that the only way to cure a tropical ulcer is to lance it, expose the rot, and then clean it with salt water multiple times a day. There really isn’t much blood flow to that area of my shin, so what makes you think that antibiotics would even be effective? Surely it would do more harm than good for me to take a 4 month course of antibiotics?

Doctors: Well, we don’t lance ulcers like that in case they get worse.

Me: I do have some medical knowledge… I’m not a typical patient. The reason you stopped lancing was because people didn’t care for the wound properly. I will. If this one wasn’t so deep, I would lance it myself, but I don’t want to risk damaging the bone.

Doctors: No. Here is your prescription for antibiotics.

Outcome: I managed to relieve the pressure by drilling a small hole into the mass under local anasethetic, and flushing it. I did not take the antibiotics. I am really unimpressed by this… a four month course of penicillin? In an otherwise healthy, young person? SERIOUSLY? SERIOUSLY?

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Sugar bee
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@Rachel631:  I got given a two month course (over CHRISTMAS) of antibiotics for Rosacea, because the Doctor thought it might be acne, and the antibiotics treated both, allegedly. When I got back to the doctor two months later, the antibiotics had had no effect at all, and the guy has the gall to go “You shouldn’t have been on those in the first place, it’s definitely rosacea and not acne.”

And then he STILL wouldn’t prescribe me the cover-up makeup that was all I’d wanted in the first place.

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@chronicwhimsy:  It really makes me cross. When I was abroad, I saw people with leprosy being given antibiotics for their infections, but not proper leprosy treatment. Of course, eventually the penicillin just stops working and then they get gangrene and have to have amputations.

For heaven’s sake… treat the leprosy, and use short courses of powerful antibiotics like anthromicin to treat the gangrene (these are better because it’s only a 3 day course, so compliance is good and it reduces the chance of antibiotic resistance).

What on earth is the point shoving people on penicillin based drugs for long periods of time? You are just asking for trouble!


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I think I’ve been pretty realistic about this scenario for the following reasons:

1. I have antigen deficiency

2. I have autoimmune issues which are controlled by immune supression

3. Due to the above I get a lot of infections :/ typically 1 a year is antibiotic resistant or a double/triple infection scenario. Its better now that I live with my husband than when I lived with my family.

4. I studied microbiology.

As someone who has had some really really nasty infections, and seen my kid get them too on occasion I’m realistic of the possibilities. I’m also angered at doctors who just hand out antibiotics. My doctors will routinely give me a script when I get a cold or something to hold incase of infection. However I am notorious for sinus infection and I wont take them if I dont get one but I also know at this point when I have gone over the thresh-hold. My routine doctor knows this and this is why she trusts me I get atleast 3 of these most years last years came with strep and the sinus portion was antibiotic resistant it SUCKED! I was out of work for 4 days on double antibiotics, and I slept for most of those 4 days. The year before I got pneumonia with it that sucked too. However I wont take antibiotics if I dont need them last fall I contracted a cold from my husband and daughter they got normal 4 day colds I had my entire throat ulcer. The doctor determined this wasnt infection so they pallatively treated me with a pretty nasty wash they give to cancer patients and told me no real food for 5-7 days so I wouldnt cut open my throat’s ulcers and cause an infection. I was pleased to not have to take antibiotics but milk shakes and pudding were super stale after 5 days. There are patients Im sure who would have pushed for an antibiotic and many doctors give in. I accepted I’d done what I’d been told and there was nothing more to be done but let my throat heal.

The reason doctors hand antibiotics out like candy is partially due to bullying patients. This is particularly true with children. As someone who’s had scarlet fever twice, pneumonia multiple times, etc it makes me really really angry. We all want a fast fix but antibiotics arent going to fix everything. Rest and fluids help more things than people realise. I just wish people would step back and accept that answer rather than put everyone at risk.

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Helper bee
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@Rachel631:  I should not have read those while eating lunch! Ha!

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Busy bee
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Some people definitely abuse antibiotics. I know people who will get them from the doctor, not finish the course (because they start to feel better *facepalm*) and then will just take them for whatever comes next. Head cold? Better take a couple of those leftover antibiotics! Ugh…. really, please stop. I’ve had the “drug-resistant” talk with a few people but they all think I’m nuts.

I stay away from antibiotics unless absolutely 100% necessary. My doctor isn’t big on them either, so I don’t have to worry about her pushing things on me that I don’t need.

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@goodasitgets:  My sister took my nephew to the clinic to make sure he didn’t have an ear infection (He had a cold and kept pulling on his ear, she was super prone to them as a child).  She left the clinic with a prescription but was told that he had no ear or throat infection and she didn’t actually know what the antibiotic was prescribed to treat.  It’s really unfortunate, my 18 month old nephew was probably just given antibiotics because an overworked doctor at an after hours clinic had a waiting room full of people and not enough time to properly evaluate any of them.

(i didn’t read the article, I just ate and I’m kinda squeamish but I know a bit about this stuff – certainly no expert).

ETA – I used to get strep throat every winter and each year it would get progressively worse, it was to the point that penecillin became useless.  My home doctor knew that, unfortuantely clinic doctors at school didn’t, so I’d get the standard 10day course of penecillin, despite my insistince that it wouldn’t work.  I do appreciate what they’re trying to do, but on the flip side, when a patient sits there and can tell you their medical history and that they zithromax (I don’t know what the actual drug is – or maybe that it) is what they are typically prescribed maybe some consideration of that is required.

I’ve also been prescribed Cipro for a bladder infection (i turned out to be allergic to it…whole other story).  There’s no winning this one.


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@Laurengrapes:  Ha ha! I’m afraid I’m one of those people who is really not particularly squeamish at all, and I sometimes have boundary issues… oversharing Embarassed.In fact, put down that sandwich because I may be about to do it again…

There are very few things which make me feel ill… in fact, only two occasions spring to mind…. one is from my days as a medical student, when I attended the human anatomy (dissection) lab with a horrible, horrible hangover… enough said. The other is when I witnessed a particularly gruesome car accident a few years back and I had to keep repeating to myself “do not puke in the car. Do NOT puke in the car. For **** sake, woman… at least pull over to the hard shoulder first!”

Luckily, I did not puke in the car. My upholstery remains safe, which is more than can be said for the occupants of the vehicles involved in that accident, sadly.

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@Rachel631:  Haha! I’m not usually squeamish at all – it just made my tummy feel a bit funny as I was munching on a sandwich whilst reading about drilling holes in abcesses!

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This concerns me also.  I have a hypochondriac friend who makes me crazy with all the antibiotics she takes.  She even had her 5 year old daughter on so many prescriptions, the poor kid was getting yeast infections beacuse it was throwing off her ph balances.

She would get so upset whenever a doctor wouldn’t give her a prescription because her ailment of the day wasn’t something that could be treated with antibotics.  Her claim always was “But, we’re suffering here!! And what if he’s wrong and the antibiotics might’ve helped?!?”  She just didn’t get it.

I know for a fact that some of her regular doctors would just prescribe her what she wanted on account of the hissy fit she’d throw in their office if she didn’t get it.

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Sugar bee
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I get a little nervous thinking about this because I was on tetracycline for my acne for a while as a teen and I’ve also been on random antibiotics for colds….All under age 21. Now I almost flat out refuse antibiotics.

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