In a single word, how would you describe (your) life in 2012

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Bumble Beekeeper

Better!  :)

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Bumble bee

Insane!! But in a good way :) Seriously it still feels like spring and it is already November, this year just flew by!!

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Bee Keeper


This year more than any other year before I felt a major change in our life style and I felt like we really settled into the married couple life.  We had a lot of big changes and exciting events as well: bought a house, renovated it, traveled to France, got a puppy….

big year with lots of changes.

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Buzzing bee

Amazing!  DH and I pretty much made this year the year of us – we got married, bought a new house, new car, and are expecting our first child.  I really can’t think how it could get any better!

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Busy bee

Challenging, for sure. I went through a low low point then came back stronger from it.

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Busy bee


I feel like I can’t even catch my breath some times

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Bumble bee


2011 was the worst year ever.

This year I got married and now we’re expecting. Been a great year!

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Bumble bee


It seems everytime something good happens, it’s met with something not so great. But that’s okay, that’s life.

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