Inconsiderate dog walker

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Helper bee

If I witness it I wouldn’t say anything because I have been guilty of not picking up after my dog. If I have the bags on me or any I can pick it up I do but there are days where I leave the house and not realized that I don’t have a poop bag on hand.

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Worker bee
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Anytime we take our dog to the park, we always clean up after him. It’s really not that gross or difficult to pick it up, and I would be absolutely disgusted to step in another dog’s business so I don’t mind taking the 10 seconds it takes to clean up after my pup. Luckily, both the dog park and the public park in my area provide plastic bags so there’s really no excuse NOT to clean up.

I myself probably wouldn’t say anything to someone who didn’t clean up after their dog because I’m shy, but I don’t think it’s out of line for someone to do so. I’d probably just roll my eyes and be sure to avoid that area lol.

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Busy bee
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Yes, my FI and I pick up after our dogs and make sure to bring bags if we’re going somewhere with them. I probably would’ve thought it was rude too, but I doubt I would’ve said anything. I never really confront strangers.

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Bumble bee
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I would not say anything, because there have been one or two times when I forgot bags and had to go and get some and come back.  He may just be an asshole and not come back, but you never know.  This could be the one time he forgot and is really embarassed about it.  

There’s someone in our neighborhood that doesn’t pick up all the time though, and I’ll usually get it if I have an extra bag.  Most owners (especially here in NYC) pick up after their dogs.  Unless it’s someone you know is leaving it around your neighborhood I’d let it be.

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Bumble Beekeeper
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I always have dog pickup bags on me, even when I don’t have my dog with me.

I don’t care if people let their dog go on my lawn, as long as they clean it up. Currently there is a huge pile of shit on my lawn I’m not going to go slogging into the rain to pick up. Pisses me off to no end

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Buzzing bee
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@Ms_Sophia:  We are adament about picking up after our dog.  DH actually used pet waste as a source of a speech in one of his college classes last year.  Besides being rude and inconsiderate it’s terribly unhealthy and can carry diseases.  So GROSS that some people don’t pick up after their pets.

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Buzzing Beekeeper

@Ms_Sophia:  I don’t say anything because it’s none of my business…unless it’s on my lawn. That’s my business. Part of being a responsible pet owner is doing the yucky jobs that you really don’t want to do…that includes picking up poop.

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Buzzing Beekeeper

@Hyperventilate:  This speaks to my maturity…My neighbour let her dog poop on my front lawn. I saw her do it and she just kept walking. I picked the poop up and left it on her doorstep. She hasn’t done it since 😛

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Bumble bee

I would have said something!  It is VERY unsanitary to leave dog poop in the grass because it can perpetuate people/animals contracting worms and can spread disease, especially if the dog who left the feces was sick or has worms.  We had a small scare that our dog had worms and I was shocked because I am so careful with him.  But after doing research and discovering from my vet that grass carries potential for contracting worms & other diseases — mainly due to NEGLIGENT dog owners who allow their dogs to poop anywhere and not picking up after them, I now get absolutely livid now if I see people being so f*ing irresponsible.  PICK UP your dog’s poop!!  And if you can’t, for god’s sakes come back with a plastic bag and clean up after him.  And if you can’t be bothered to do the right thing, DON’T get a dog.


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Buzzing bee
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I don’t even bother leaving the house with the dog unless I have at least two poop bags on me. Even if he’s done his business at home that day, you just never know. You also never know when they’ll surprise you with 2 poops on one walk, and you don’t want to be that person who leaves it behind. I think it’s so disrespectful to have your pet leave it’s $hit on someone else’s property (personal, business or otherwise) and to not clean up. If he didn’t have a bag he should have at least tried to find something in his car to pick it up with. That’s brutal.

If someone had their dog do their business on my lawn and leave it, you better believe i’d be coming out to say something, or follow them and leave it on their doorstep like @MrsPanda99:  !!

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Helper bee
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I’m a dog owner (I have three) and have poo bags on me all the time! If I put my hand in my pocket there’s always at least one empty bag in there! I have confronted people before and offered them one of my poo bags on LOADS of occasions. I’ve also confronted people on walks; if I’m walking past them I ask if they realise their dog has done a poo and tut if they say ‘ooops, I havent got a poo bag’. 

But I’m a bit like the poo police haha. 

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Honey bee
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That’s so frustrating. I always clean up after my dog. If I am stuck without a bag by chance (very rare) then I come back. One time I was walking the dog and the bag fell out of my pocket. By the time he’d done his business I went to pull out the bag and it was gone. I had to walk back through the neighborhood, find the bag, go back and clean it up. I felt terrible thinking my neighbor was going to think I just left it there! We have a lot of dogs in our neighborhood and most people pick up after them, but sometimes I see some leftover business and it really makes me angry! 

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Helper bee
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@Ms_Sophia:  Well, it depends. In this case, it’s very obvious that he had no intention of coming back to clean it up.

In my neighborhood, I keep 2-3 bags on me 99% of the time. Occasionally, I won’t have a bag on me when one of my critters does their business. I immediately take my dogs back to my apartment, walk back, and pick it up. So I usually give people the benefit of the doubt.

I’ve only said something once. I got a warning from my apartment complex for letting my dogs make deposits in my yard without cleaning up after them. (We’re the only people with big dogs in our building.) I keep our yard clean, so I was really confused. Sure enough, I caught a woman with a Rottweiler (who lives on the other side of the complex) letting her dog relieve itself in my yard without cleaning up after it. I caught her doing it three times, without coming back to pick it up, so I said something. 

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