Is Charming Charlies worth the travel?

posted 1 year ago in Accessories
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Busy bee

Yeah, it’s definitely all costume jewelry from my experience. Definitely a place to find cheap jewelry, but I wouldn’t drive that far to go to one

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Honey bee

What are you going there for?  I wouldn’t buy any of your wedding stuff there.  It’s definitely cheap cheap.

But I love going there and digging around for every day stuff.

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Bee Keeper

pass, the only reason I would really go there is if you need something in a specific hard-to-find color

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Helper bee

I like it a lot. But I wouldn’t get wedding jewelry there. It’s a nice place to go if you want something in a specific color or cheap jewelry. I feel like it is an adult version of Claire’s.

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Sugar bee

I spent a good amount of time browsing in one and came away with one pair of earrings.  They had lots of stuff that looked like it would be good for a night out, but kind of one-time-use stuff.  Cute, but cheap and super trendy. 

Would be ok to take a girlfriend and hit one and go out for lunch, but I wouldn’t make a special trip.  I have a lot better luck at Francesca’s Collection if you have one of those anywhere nearby. 

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Bumble bee

Personally i love that store! THey ahve soo much good stuff. Yes they do have custome jewerly, but they also have some nice stuff that you could wear for a wedding. I dont have one real close to me either, but i plan on checking it out for my big day!

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Honey bee

Honestly I think you could find some wedding jewelry there as long as you’re not adamant on having real pearls or real diamonds or heirloom quality jewelry.  It’s cheap, but they have a really huge selection.  At the same time, there must be a closer store where you could find similar stuff, 20 miles is pretty far to go!

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Busy bee

20 miles is a long drive? I live about 25 miles south of Atlanta, and going there is not very far at all, especially for a shopping trip! I’m not familiar with that store, but there are stores I would defnitely drive half an hour for just to see what they have. It’s not like you only have to go there…surely you can make a day of it, and look around at other places, have lunch, etc…

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