Is it inappropriate to ask our pediatrician for a prescription for meds

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Helper bee
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I once asked my doctor for a prescription for antibiotics because I felt a bladder infection coming on and was leaving Canada for the United States the next day and didn’t want to deal with the American medical system, or suffer through my two week vacation. My doc was completly ok with it, I think it depends on your relationship with the doctor though. If you explain why you’re wanting it clearly that will help.

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Bumble bee
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I agree it depends on your relationship with your doctor. I had a my doctor write me a “just in case” prescription when I went out of the country. I would talk to your doctor and share your concerns and ask what they think. See where it goes. 

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I think it is a little different to ask for a script for a 4 month old.  Insurance wise emergency or urgent appts are typically covered at in network prices. I would never try to determine whether a baby needs to be medicated .  To many things could go wrong at that age.

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Helper bee
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And my son had to have a neubulizer.  Insurance companies typically require (mine did for my son) a form to be filled out with a diagnosis code ect before they will cover it.  Idk that they will accept a ‘just in case’ diagnosis.

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Busy Beekeeper

hspw714:  There is a big difference between asking for antibiotics (which cover a number of illnesses which are common and have presented themselves before in the patient) and asking for a specific medication for a condition that has never presented itself. Just because one parents has an allergy or illness does not mean that their children will present with the illness as well.

It is also very unwise to self medicate especially if the illness has never been diagnosed by a medical professional before. You could also end up in serious trouble if you give the medication to your daughter with no diagnosis, especially if she has a bad reaction to it.

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If a 4 month old is having breathing problems, they need to see a doctor. Their airways are small and diagnosing without the benefit of medical school is not wise.

Rather than ask your pediatrician for a specific prescription, you could mention your concerns and ask what they would recommend you do if the baby develops symptoms.

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Bumble Beekeeper
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hspw714:  I don’t think it is inappropriate to ask, but I think it will be unlikely they will give it to a 4 month old. My doctor told me it is highly unlikely that a baby less than 6 months old will have allergies to anything. While it may be unlikely, the risk is still there, but I know my doctor would never give an an inhaler or anyhting for a what if.

Besides, if it were me, I would never use anything on my baby without checking with my doctor. The idea of an inhaler.nebulizer sounds good, but what if it doesn’t work? Or perhaps she reacts poorly to the meds in the inhaler? I wouldn’t risk it.

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Bumble bee
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Ok, let me get this straight.

You have a 4 month old. You’re visiting relatives out of state. Your 4 month old starts showing signs of Asthma, which include the inability to breath. And your first thought is “good thing I have this nebulizer because she has never had breathing problems before but it must be athesma brought on by the pets?”

Um…no. If your 4 month old starts having trouble breathing, you take them to a Dr/hospital ASAP. You do not self-diagnose. If you are so concerned about allergies get a hotel room. Insurance coverage should be the last of your worries if your infant isn’t breathing properly.

This is just crazy. I’m sorry.

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Sugar Beekeeper
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Do you already have a nebulizer?  I imagine they come faster now compared to when I first needed one, but it took months.  You need to be trained to use it properly and have the mask fitted.

Doing that seems excessive for ‘just in case’.  You also need to know the dosing based on a few factors including the severity, which you need to see a doctor for.

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Bumble bee
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No experience here but as a mother to a 5 month old, if she started having breathing problems i’d take her to the nearest hospital/urgent care regardless of networks. also if you are truly concerned about the animals and possible allergies then would you consider staying in a pet free home/hotel and not visit the home with pets to avoid exposure? 

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Agreed with previous posters. As a pediatric nurse, I’d say it is inappropriate in this situation. If your four month-old develops breathing problems, you should take her to the emergency room right away or call 911 because infant airways are much smaller than children/adults and she would need medical attention right away. 

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Buzzing bee
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If your child begins to have trouble breathing you will need to have him/her evaluated right away. If you try and diagnose him yourself you could end up in a very dangerous situation. School nurses, RN’s, have made the fatal mistake of treating athsma oy to have it turn out to be anaphylaxis…and it can often be too late. I think it would be iresponsible of an MD to issue a device for breathing difficulties, without evaluating a child’s symptoms. in this case the child in question has no symptoms. 

if your hold does turn out to be allergic and needa to be seen in the ED or Urgent care and it does turn out to be athsma, you may want to just head home! 

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Bumble bee
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And to add… Babies aren’t just born with airborne allergies. It takes repeated exposures before they become sensitive to something. It’s EXTREMELY rare that your infant is allergic to pets. This is info straight from my ped. 

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