Is it worth it join a gym right now?

posted 3 years ago in Pregnancy
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I wouldn’t do anything new during pregnancy.  If you’re used to jogging, you will be able to continue (at a much more moderate intensity of course) once the weather cools a bit and you are beyond the first trimester fatigue.

If you’re used to spin classes and weightlifting, then sure go for it, join the gym.  If you haven’t done weights or zumba in a while, now is probably not the best time to start!

As for weight gain, I wouldn’t stress about it right this second.  I ate well, worked out regularly, and still gained 50lbs.  As long as you are healthy and the baby is healthy, your body will put on exactly how much it needs to.  I also didn’t bother watching what I ate the first trimester since I was soooooo tired and a little queasy half the time.  I ate what I wanted when I wanted.  After I felt better I was more conscious about my eating habits, but it’s certainly not something I stressed about.

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If you feel better going to the gym, talk to your doctor, find out what your safe activity level is and go back. I walked miles a day when I had DS years ago. My labor was very short and super easy, my doctor told me part of the was due to how active and fit I was. Don’t know how true that was but it always made me feel pretty good about it. 

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Firstly I’m glad you ladies are in the same boat as me!! These last few weeks I have not been motivated for exercise at all, and being pregnant is the best excuse.

I personally wouldn’t sign up for the gym. Mine is going to waste and I have a contract until december! I just always find with memberships that in the beginning you are so motivated and then it drops off and you loose money…..personal oppinion though!!

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@MissTatas:  If you have a usually high activity level and want to maintain that, then I think the obvious answer is yes you should join a gym if its too uncomfortable to walk outside. But if you don’t think you’re going to use it, then yeah it’s a waste of money.

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@MissTatas:  I understand what you mean.  For me, if I go long periods without any physical activity, I actually get in a funky mood.  I need to exercise, even at a low intensity, if only for my mental health!  I got a heart rate monitor to make sure I was keeping myself in check.  Also, it’s ok to have a free pass for a little while during that brutal first trimester when your body is trying to figure out what the hell is going on 🙂

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I would join the smaller cheaper gym. I have been INCREDIBLY active through my pregnancy — at almost 35 weeks, I am still exercising five days a week. But the type of exercise I’m able to do has really changed. I had to stop running at 5 1/2 months because of horrible groin pain, so then I had to just walk instead. But walking outside on flat ground, even powerwalking as fast as I can for miles, just doesn’t feel like a good workout … I’m super glad we have a treadmill at home that lets me turn the incline way up and walk til I actually work up a sweat. I also augmented our home gym with a recumbent exercise bike because that is a great cardio workout that is low impact as well. And then I still lift weights.

Having access to a gym with the sort of equipment you’re going to need as your workout requirements change is going to be a blessing, I think. I don’t know what I would have done if my plan had just been to jog outside for my whole pregnancy and then that got shut down unexpectedly so early in the game! I never had any issues in the first tri so I just worked out all the way through it, but I have only recently started to lose some intensity in the cardio and I’m almost 8 months pregnant. So don’t worry — your urge to work out will definitely return 🙂

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@MissTatas:  Definitely get your gym membership back–but find a month-to-month place instead of somewhere with a year-long contract.

I go 5 days a week, and it REALLY helped with my morning sickness!

I’m also 16 weeks pregnant and have only gained 2lbs from my start weight. I feel SO good, and if I want an extra brownie, I can go for it (because I’m just going to burn it the next day, anyway!)

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I would save the gym money and buy a recumbent bike or elliptical to use at home.   I have a bike and use it almost daily.

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I would be somewhat reluctant, because you don’t know how you’re going to feel. I went from being very active to barely being able to walk up the stairs when pregnant due to a variety of health concerns. My gym membership went to waste, and just now, about 7 weeks postpartum, I am clear to exercise again. You could always wait until the 2nd trimester to see whether you have more energy before you make that decision! 

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i wouldnt assume that energy will come back in the 2nd tri and youll feel normal again. id heard that everything got better in the second tri…im coming up to 16 weeks and no sign of improvement as of yet

i worked 4 hours today teaching and my back and feet are aching like no ones business. and all i want to do is crawl into bed

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