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Check out this post and the 3 parts before it. The first post on these threads are links to the previous threads.


Typically with lace, everyone says to upgrade the fabric but if the dress is fairly simple you can get away with premium craftsmanship.

I”m not sure of the turn around time on dresses but others will know. They do shut down for 3 weeks in February due to the Chinese New Year.

Yes, they will send you pictures of lace if you request it.

Anyways, definitely check out the “Jasmine’s” threads. They are super helpful!!

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OOOooo @tanyaaabee can we see your design inspiration? I also just submitted a lace dress idea email to Jasmine’s yesterday and would love to see your idea too. I agree with @jwilk241 to get on the other message board she linked. Tons of information and resources there!

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@tanyaaabee:  I would reference everything you can possible think of.

The easiest way to submit an order is to send them an email, or PM from Weddingbee or through their Face Book page with all the details in a word document. Keep your communication simple, because James (American born and educated) will need to translate your request into Chinese, so short, sharp comments, use dot points if possible.

Then James will assess your order, advise you if they can make the dress in timeframe and the availability of lace.  Lace is a difficult fabric because it depends on what is available and in stock.  So far all the Bees who have chosen lace have been very happy with the result because James selects the best match to the original. He may or may not be able to send you photo samples.

After you have gone over the details, including price, you will then be charged 50% of the total price, (not shipping).  This is when the order is accepted by both you and Jasmines and work commences.

Yes there is an additional % charge for a rush job, a dress to be made under their minimum time limit.  It is clearly stated on their website, including all the other terms and conditions.  You should read them.

I agree you may not need to upgrade the craftsmanship, but I would highly recommend upgrading the fabric because it is a lace dress.

Put a quick post with a link to this page on the main Jasmines thread, it is currently running at part 5.  Lots of very experienced Bees on there will be able to help you.

Also you need to show us a picture of the dress so we know what we are talking about when we advise you.

Remember, Jasmines will only accept a dress that they know they can do within the time frame that you want it.

They are extremely busy now and take a few days to reply.

I always recommend:

Trying on a similar style of dress before you order to make sure that the style suits you.

Getting measured professionally, and then getting another person to double check the measurements, wear your wedding day underwear and shoes.

Jasmines will send you multiple photos mid production from every angle of the dress for you to have a good look.

Remember, if there is anything that they have done wrong, you need to tell them at mid production and they will fix it.

But if you want any changes at this stage that you did not ask for originally, then this is considered a ‘design change’ and will incur extra $s.  So that is why it is important to get all the information (including any pictures you can find) to them when you first ask for a quotation.

Jasmines are amazing with veils and remember to purchase your underskirt at the same time because they are so much cheaper than buying in from a bridal shop.

We all love following a new dress journey so keep us posted.

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@tanyaaabee:  Sorry that is part 4.  Also if you order your veil and underskirt or anything else you want at the same time, and ship together, you will save more money.

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@tanyaaabee:  The reason for the rush fee might be that they close for the Chinese new year. 

What dress are you ordering?

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@tanyaaabee:  Beautiful dress, but there is not much detail showing in the images.  Because you have tried on the dress you should submit as much information about any details as you can.  Even if you have to reference other dress images for the details.

Remember they can only replicate what they can actually see.  Be short and sharp in your communication, use dot points rather than long complex sentences.

Looking forward to seeing this dress come to life.

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@tanyaaabee:  After reading about Jasmines I didn’t even consider anywhere else to be honest, looking forward to hearing about your dress journey :-)

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@tanyaaabee:  There have been a couple of Bees who have ordered this type of VERY low back dress and have been disappointed with the fit.  Basically they have been saying that the dress are too loose, or just does not fit.  Haven’t seen any photos of the dress on them because they didn’t post any.

Maybe because of that Jasmines have decided that the style of the dress leaves no room for error in fit.  As you can appreciate, with a back that low, if the dress is loose then it is going to gape or fall off the shoulders. 

What some women don’t understand is that even if you buy the original, I will guarantee you that you will need alterations, sometimes quite extensive.  For some reason they expect the dress to fit exactly and then complain, or are disappointed that they have to pay for alterations.

Maybe that is why Jasmines has decided to to attempt this dress style.  This is only my summation.

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