Journey of Pregnancy after Infertility and/or Miscarriage – Part 7

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Dreaming13 :  My supervisor is Jewish and super sweet… she wants to throw me a work shower but was asking me lots of questions about shower etiquette because she says they don’t do that in their culture. She said one of her family members who struggled with infertility did have one, though. I think you should do what you want. I wasn’t sure about a shower because they were so difficult and such a trigger for me before we got pregnant, but I already had a small one and it was lovely. My mom is throwing us a bigger one but it will be co-ed, informal, more of a cookout feel which I think makes it a little easier! I think when people know what you went through to get pregnant they just want to celebrate with you. 🙂 

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Dreaming13 :  <u>hollyberry4 :</u>  i am jewish and we did not have a shower.  we had a bris for my son and received tons of gifts.  i don’t feel like i missed out on anything.  if someone threw me one, i would have been ok with it but as my close friends are jewish, no one did.

also, i did order my furniture around 30 weeks and it was set up before DS arrived, but besides the car seat and stroller, i had very little ahead of time.  it is part of our culture.  it puts the evil on you, like counting your chickens before they hatch.

now with #2 we have in our house already most of the stuff.  but like with #1, we probably won’t discuss names until a couple weeks out.

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Been a little MIA from the bee for a couple of weeks because pregnancy sickness well and truly kicked my ass!!! I also had an infection, so I was signed off work for a week to recuperate and was given anti-sickness tablets. 

First day back at work yesterday and I KO’d at 7 pm that evening. Today I’ve felt exhausted from morning to evening. But I will only work 3.5 days next week, so that’s a plus.

10 weeks tomorrow and it does feel in a strange way like the last 5 weeks have gone by pretty quick, but they also feel like they are dragging! Dating ultrasound has been scheduled for 27th June and I have an appointment on Monday regarding nutrition because my BMI is high. I had already lost close to 20lbs before getting pregnant and I’ve lost another 5-6lbs with all the sickness.

The last few days my mornings have been ok ish till about 10 am, so I’m hoping that I’m turning a corner and leaving this phase of pregnancy misery. It feels odd to be so happy about the baby and dislike pregnancy this much. It makes me feel guilty. Still, I’m just trying to stay sane until my dating scan. Will be 12+3 then. 

Also had to get my first pair of maternity trousers for work and got some maternity bras as well….oh my goodness, soooooooooooooooooooo comfy! 

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ajillity81 :  Thanks for your input. I really feel similarly. I know it’s part of our culture. It’s just really difficult to turn down a very excited sister who wants to celebrate. 🙂 I’m not planning on bringing much home before Squirt arrives. If we did a shower, I would store everything at my sister’s house until I was home with the baby. Otherwise, I’ll have to figure out what I need for the first few days at home (a pack of diapers, wipes and???). I was considering not even ordering nursery furniture except I think I would appreciate having the glider and changing table from the start.

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Hello Ladies,

How is everyone doing? 

I am doing well at almost 33 weeks.

Gestational diabetes has been manageable but the food (allowed amount of carbs per meal) is quite ridiculous and not meant for pregnant women, I think. The maximum amount of carbs I am allowed per meal is 50 grams, and by the time I have a glass of milk with dinner (which I try to include daily for baby), that takes up a sizeable amount of numbers right there. I am often very hungry. I can only eat the maximum at dinner, if I try to eat the maximum at breakfast and lunch, my blood sugar will go up. 🙁

At last ultrasound, baby boy measured 3lbs, 11 oz already! They estimate he will be a bigger baby. Back for a check up next Friday. Baby is currently transverse (not sure if this matters for a C-Section but ideally head down will be easier for them), kicks like crazy, and loves to play soccer at 5:00 in the morning. 

My husband has been great with me and helps me make GD friendly meals when he can. We have a water cooler and some days with my thirst from diabetes, we are going through 18 litres of water in 2 days. He has been very supportive. My OB says the thirst could be from increased heat and edema with my swelling feet.

Our nursery is coming along and we are going with an animal theme. We just have to anchor our change pad to our dresser, put up some curtains, add some decals and a few more touches. We’ve had tons of help from our families in lieu of baby showers. 

I hope that everyone is doing well and I promise to reply to others ASAP.

Have a wonderful day, ladies! 🙂 

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Hope I have not missed anyone…

soontobemrs1011 :  How are you feeling? How did your testing go?

ajillity81 :  How are you feeling? How far along are you now? Interesting about counting chickens before they hatch, I feel the same way, except with regard to announcing. DH and I still have not announced on FB and will not until baby arrives. With my SCH I was just too scared. We didn’t register until 20 weeks also.

Dreaming13 :  How are you feeling? Are you feeling lots more movement? Yay! Did you end up starting a Registry? Regarding furniture, seems like you have a lot more competitive baby stores in the US. 🙂 We waited over 10 weeks for our baby furniture to arrive from Babies R Us. 

dachshundpup15 :  How are you feeling after your infection? Better, I hope! 

hogoboom2012 :  OMG that handsome little face! How is motherhood? How is baby Andrew? 

favoredone :  How are you feeling?

hollyberry4 :  How are you today? When is your family baby shower?

Have a great evening, ladies! 🙂 


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weightwatchers152 :  Hi Lady. I am doign good. Thaks for asking. How are you doing also?Asides putting on 15kg already, not sur ehow that happened. I di dmy GD test yesterday and passed however I was told my blood count is bordeline pffft. I hear those iron tablets cause really bad constipation so to be honest I dont want to take them but I cannot be selfish as baby is involved. Baby is head down now and weighs 1.33kg already. i was a big baby n to be honest I want a regular sized baby.7.5lb(3.5kg) would just be perfect. I find sex a faff,how much more a massive baby. I wonder if anythign can be doen to check that baby is not too big. Also at first scan doctors found 3 fibroid, at my scna yesterday 28wk, they are down to 2 and my placenta ha smoved out of teh way so happy for that.

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weightwatchers152 :  I’m glad everything is going great w/ you!  Not much longer now, mama!  I’d love to see pics of your nursery.  I’ve bought some wall art and hamper for ours, also animal theme.

I haven’t had my test yet.  DH and I decided to do the first trimester screening w/ NT scan and finger prick, that’s next Monday the 26th.  We also have a regular appt tomorrow, I’m so anxiuos to hear the heartbeat.

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hey guys- looks like everyones doing well. Just checking in. 21 weeks now and finally time is flying! Starting to be visably pregnant to strangers which is nice, and two days ago I felt the baby kick from the outside of my belly!! So exciting! hubby felt it last night too 🙂  starting to think about getting new bras since my larger ones are hitting their max but dreading it bc I dont want to buy another size when they get bigger and milk comes in lol… not sure how much bigger I will need and if it will need to be a cup size or band size thing. Also dreading figuring out the nitty gritty of registries- too many important decisions for a libra!! lol We picked out and bought a paint color since home depot had a really good sale but no ideas on rugs or furniture etc yet.

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Had a bit of a scare yesterday. I had been having a severe backache for a few days on my right side which comes and goes but was pretty painful. I thought Braxton Hicks. Baby has also been transverse for several weeks now. 

My DH came home from work and I pretty much blocked out him explaining his day and told him I had to go lie down because of the back pain. My uterus had also been contracting. He knew I wasn’t feeling well but was trying to take my mind off things. 

I called Triage in Labour and Delivery and they said come on in. 

When I got there they put a monitor on me and said baby seems happy and his heart rate was regular and steady.

They took a reading for about 20 minutes. No contractions happened during that time. Then the resident OB assessed me. He thought that based on what I described it could be an infection. They did a cervical exam (first one this pregnancy- ouch!) and a fetal fibronectin test but did not send the sample because of the possibility of false positive results, the results of the internal exam, and that my urine was negative for the types of tests they ran.

They reassured me my cervix is closed and 2cm long. They are sending out for another type of bacteria test and my OB should have the results this Friday when I see him. They were not able to tell me exactly what happened, but they are not Braxton Hicks, definitely not labour either. They said it could even be my cyst/potential blocked tube giving me pain. 

They finished with an ultrasound and baby boy was wiggling away and (last night anyways) was head down! 

So maybe baby had been trying to turn? Looking forward to more answers Friday. 

Have a great day, ladies! 🙂

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favoredone :  Thanks love – Eli is a beautiful name, we get compliments all the time. Not long for you now to meet him!


19 weeks tomorrow….and it seems completely surreal. We had an elective ultrasound at 16w and were told……..



We’re not doing a reveal and we’re keeping the sex a secret until birth (with the exception of telling my BFF, because I need to be able to talk to someone about it!). SO….if we’re friends on FB…please don’t let it slip 🙂 

In general things are good. I’m still sick, still on diclectin, exhausted, and the reflux/heartburn kicked in 2 weeks ago (9 weeks earlier than it did with my son’s pregnancy)…but I’m dealing with it. The anxiety over loss etc was pretty good but I was starting to panic last night and this morning after 3 days of feeling no movement (after feeling regular movement since 14w) and not being able to find the HB on doppler last night or this morning…I told her that if I didn’t feel movement in the next couple of hours we were heading to urgent care. Not two minutes later I felt a big roll inside. Good girl! The heightened anxiety could also be a result of coming up to the 1-yr anniversary of our loss tomorrow….the 22nd was the day we found out and the day I had my first D&C. So….I guess I’m just bracing myself for a sad day tomorrow and hoping to just carry on as well as I can. Otherwise, I’m doing well. We have our 20w scan on the 28th and then we’re on vacation….time to relax and to spend some quality summer time with my boys 🙂 We’re hoping to hit up the Calgary Zoo and go see the dinosaur bones/museum in Drumheller. 

Hope you’re all doing well…XOXOXOX



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weightwatchers152 :  sorry for the scare but glad everything is going well.

i am just about 15 weeks.  cell free dna and 1st trimester screening said everything is great.  naseau and tiredness have passed.  and i’m sporting my little bump.  we never posted anything about DS on fb until his birth.  we are debating if we are going to do an FB annoucement this time.


AND this time was DH’s choice if we found out the sex.  he was really debating bc he knew i didn’t want to know.  then the other night he said, we won’t find out, but if we have a third then we are definitly finding out.  i was more excited that he is now open to a 3rd (granted we can afford a 3rd child and afford another FET since we are all OOP)

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weightwatchers152 :  yeah those fetal fibronectin tests are netorious for being wrong.  Mine came back positive at 30 weeks and I’m still pregnant at 36 weeks the difference was I was having contractions at 30 weeks although wasn’t dilated.  Hopefully its nothing. 

MrsPuddingface :  yay for baby girl!  So happy for you!

So I’m still hanging in there at 36 weeks (or will be as of Friday).  I have my c-section scheduled for July 3 at 37+3.  I still can’t believe after all we’ve been through that our baby will most likely be full term.  Its crazy to think about.  I’m so grateful but at the same time I’m so ready to be done with the stress and worry of pregnancy.  I know there is stress and worry after baby comes but its a different kind.  I’m also a little disappointed that I will never get to experience the joy of going into labor and my water breaking, but as long as the outcome is positive I’m happy.

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