Kiss my color scheme goodbye.

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Bumble bee

I know a girl who bought white hydrangeas and had them painted by the florist to save money.  They looked great. 

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Busy bee

We did all white flowers. I love the clean look of all white—remember there will some green in there too. 

For color, you can have the boquets and centerpieces handwrapped with purple ribbon, maybe fill clear vases with purple glass marbles and/or sea glass?! 

You could also use colored pin lighting on the ceterpieces too!

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Sugar bee

Can you check out another florist? Why are white flowers the only ones? Or colored flowers more expensive?

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Honey bee

You could still do purple ribbons, runners, napkins, put colored stones in the glasses, etc.

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How about adding in your colors in other ways. Ribbon around the bouquets, beads mixed in with the flowers, colored instead of clear or white vases or containers, something like this?

Like this but in purple

Or something like this but with colored beads and ribbons. 


You can definitely add color in with white flowers. Just get creative with it!

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Bumble bee

there are many seasonal flowers that should cost MUCH less than white flowers. In fact white flowers are harder to care for, arrange and get because their imperfections (any browning or bruising) can not be hidden!

- I see you are having a spring wedding! Spring is a great time for seasonal flowers which are usually very budget friendly!

When all else fails – Carnations- come in almost any color. They are soft anf pretty. 

costco flowers for bouquets and arrangements are to die for gorgeous and usually budget friendly! THere are many many whole sale florists who would be willing to work with you.

Go shop around!

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Bee Keeper

You could still use colored ribbons and maybe candles (top center picture). You could consider some faux purple/pink flowers. You might be able to incorporate them somehow with the real white flowers. 

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Bumble bee

Add blue and red food coloring to the water, and you will have purple flowers within a few hours :)

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Busy bee

ha! I didn’t know white was the cheapest, I’m looking into a florist now and haven’t heard back yet…


we are having all white, this is my idea, with stuff we have around the house, it’s just trying to replicate it in vein….






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Buzzing bee

I’m surprised they didn’t mention spraying as an option…as purple hydrangeas were going to be really expensive in July, my florist ordered white and sprayed them dark purple.  It was really well-done and didn’t run/bleed.  The picture below shows some of the “spottier” bunches…since my MOH’s bouquet had white roses, we used the hydrangeas that didn’t get sprayed as well as others.  The other BMs had hydrangea-only bouquets, and the color coverage was better.

I do like the idea of using colored beads/ribbons/vases.  I hope you can find some solution that works!

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Bumble Beekeeper

Some flowers can be dyed by putting them in water with food coloring.

Also, I would look into another florist. The first florist I saw in my price range had limited access to quality flowers and we were looking at pretty boring flowers and then I went to another much better connected florist who was able to give us more flowers, more variety, and something much closer to my vision for the same price. (And then we saw a third guy who laughed at our budget… geez, thanks.)

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Busy bee

@KateByDesign:  No:( It’s my future MIL’s.  We took anything we had silver/white/cream/shabby chic between both of our houses to figure out centerpieces…I just need five of everything on that table…mostly the vase, the mirrors are easy I saw some at AC Moore… and I have a TON of glass votives for the candles.  We have about 10 vintage mirrors between the both of us and or/white distressed frames…, we will literally be taking things off our walls to bring to the venue for decorating.


I need that five of that VASE though…may have to compromise.

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Sugar Beekeeper

WTF? Go to another florist. Seasonal flowers in other colors should NOT be more expensive. 

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