Lactose Intolerance? My honeymoon ruined my stomach. Arg!

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It’s unlikely that it would come on so fast as an adult (I’m sure someone will tell you their story about how it happened to them though), but the easiest thing to do would be cut out dairy for 2 weeks and see if you get better! Or try taking Lactaid pills before you eat dairy and see if that helps. 

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Lactose Intolerance is your bodies inability to produce the Lactose enzyme which is needed to digest dairy. Or your body could simply only produce a little. While it is possible that you could have been using it faster then your body can produce it. And it is possible for your body to lose the ability to produce it at any point in your life. (happened for me when i was about 15 but my grandma developed it when she was much older)  – id say its unlikely if you’ve never had a problem before…. but it is possible. 

Try not eating any dairy or cheese or anything that contains milk for a few days and then have a glass of milk and see how you react. 

If you still have problems. Take a lactaid pill or pick up lactose free milk and see if you still get the same reactions.

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@ajillity81:  I’m 31 and I developed lactose intolerance later in life the only exception is I can have a bit of milk and chocolate doesnt bug me. I used to be able to eat everything dairy but I can now only have milk in my cereal and only in the morning time. It’s the only dairy I’m able to handle without my stomache making weird sounds and being gassy.

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I had a hard time in Italy as well but it turns out years later I cannot eat fruit. Guess what an olive is? FRUIT! It never bothered me too bad until I got older and my doctor says that when I was younger my body was able to cope better with fruit but not anymore!


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If you’re going to try OTC meds and see if it helps, I highly recommend against Lactaid (it just never worked well for me).

There’s a similar med made by the company Digestive Advantage, they have a whole line of gastrointestinal medications for various issues, and they have one for lactose intolerance.  I’ve found it at CVS, WalMart, and RiteAid.

With Lactaid you have to take it with every meal.  The Digestive Advantage one you take one a day.  Much easier to remember, and it works SO much better for me!

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@ajillity81:  that happened to me after 2 weeks of catered heavy meals working a music festival. One bite of dairy and I would just practically sh*t myself once I got home.

I cut out dairy completely for awhile. Then I added it back moderately. Some dairy products are lower in lactose and easier for your stomach to digest : goat cheese (yum), and yogurt. Coconut Dream is a DELISH dairy free ice cream brand. 

I bet if you take some time off then bring it back slowly youll go back to normal.


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I have a degree of lactose intolerance, and there are a couple of things that really upset my tummy – Mozzzrella/Burrata/Ricotta Cheese, Ice Cream (any more than a teaspoon), and lattes or other milk-based drinks.

Most other cheeses I don’t have a problem with, and I have no problems with yogurt.  Most Cheddar & other hard cheeses have very little lactose, so I usually have those when I’m craving cheese!  

I usually have soy milk or almond milk with my coffee & in my cereal, and honestly I like it better than regular milk anyway! And Sorbets have no milk and they are just as yummy.

Good luck!

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Certainly something to see a doctor about if it is so sudden. My professor was a big tea drinker and suddenly she just couldn’t drink tea anymore, it was like she was suddenly allergic to it.

She finally went in to see her doctor after months of not drinking tea and it turns out there was something medically wrong with her and this sudden change was just a symptom! After some meds she was back to drinking multiple cups of tea a day!


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It depends on your severity of Lactose Intolerance. (Digestive Advantage vs Lactaid Pills) I am severely lactose Intololerant and even a bite of milk chocolate will bother me a little. I tried Digestive Advantage a few years ago and it helped for the little things… I could have like a bite of chocolate or something without an issue…. but then i had Ziti that my MIL made and it all came back…. It took a few days of the pills and no dairy to be able to get back to being safe against the small amounts. I gave up with it and just take Lactaid Pills now because its the only thing that works for me. Foods high in dairy (like italian) I will have too take up to 4 pills for. And things like regular Ice Cream I can’t eat at all. (They have Lactaid brand chocolate Ice Cream now which I LOVE). I get the giant pack of the BJ’s brand lactaid pills because its cheapest. 

I think Digestive Advantage works well if you are only lightly lactose Intolerant. It helps build the lactose in your body that your body isn’t producing naturally, but you just use it up if you eat any dairy. So if thats your bodys only supply of lactose it won’t be enough for foods high in dairy because you’ll use it all up and won’t even have enough in one meal. (Atleast thats my theory)

Keep in mind that a meal high in dairy isn’t a good test for the pills. (because you may need more then one) If i were you i’d start small to test it out… Like a small glass of milk or a small amount of dairy with a pill. 


Also remember SOOOO many things contain lactose that you wouldnt even think of…. even a lot of medicines do, processed foods, pasta sauce, bread


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are you sure it’s the dairy/lactose? If you were eating a lot of wheat/bread/ and you have a celiacs, you may have caused enough damage to your intestines to cause a flare up. You should see your doc and get tested for issues like that. They can rx lactaid if it’s a lactose issue. If it’s gluten or something else well.. that’s a whole different thing. 


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There is also the possibility of casein intolerance which is the dairy protein (lactose is the sugar). When people have issues with dairy they always think lactose intolerance but often times it’s the casein protein that’s the problem. Allergies or intolerances can develop at any time. As another poster mentioned, celiac disease (gluten intolerance) is a possibility as well, and often goes hand in hand with casein intolerance. I would start with cutting it out completely for as long as you can. Then you can TRY the lactose pills and see if that helps, but I’d try it another time than the big dinner. You don’t want to wait until the big dinner and then find they don’t work and you get sick.

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If it is lactose intolerance please know that you can probably still eat many yogurts and cheeses.  Check the nutrition information…if there is no sugar then there is no lactose!  (Of course, many yogurts are sweetened with additional sugar, so this trick doesn’t always work.  Usually yogurts with live active cultures are safe).

The Digestive Advantage mentioned by PPs didn’t really work for me.  Now I just take Lactaid with any meals that have dairy and I’m fine.  I also switched to Almond milk in my morning cereal and actually like it more than dairy milk 🙂

It’s also possible you are allergic to something else in the milk, so if the Lactaid doesn’t help I would definitely see a doctor.  A PP’s point about Celiac is a good tip as well.  

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@Kate0558:  Ohhh no!!  That sucks!  I think part of it is for me that I (unconciously) avoid things that have lactose in them anyway so the daily pills build it up for me pretty easily.  Glad you found that something works for you!!!

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