Looking for chic bridesmaid gifts..

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I am getting my girls an Estee Lauder lipstick and having their names engraved on the tube. They are picking out their shades and they love the idea. It will cost around $35-ish per girl. 

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Coach wristlets are well received from what I have read.  I know I would like one! 

Another option-Kate Spade jewelry.

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Shop for each girl like it is her bday or Christmas.  I’m a big fan of giving different gifts because I don’t buy anyone matching gifts for anything else, so why for a wedding?

If you have a wine love you get some nice wine glasses and a bottle of her favorite wine.

Maybe someone loves books or has a specific hobby or collection.  You could target your gift to those things.

If someone’s favorite band is coming, you could give her tickets to the concert.

Spa/mani/pedi gift cards for AFTER the wedding are also quite nice.

Think outside the box, they don’t have to match.

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@araina126:  LOVE this idea–so original!  I had no idea that Estee Lauder custom engraves lipsticks.  Gotta remember this one.

@ktdmarie:  You’re getting some really creative suggestions here!  Previous posters have suggested shopping for individual gifts.  I like this idea, but I do have to caution that it could be more problematic and time-consuming, especially if you’re trying to set a limit for your budget.  

My two cents: monogrammed waffle-weave robes are always a good idea.  In fact, monogrammed anything!  What about monogrammed stemless wine glasses?  I am obsessed with The Monogram Merchant website, they have tons of affordable and chic gift ideas.

Makeup and beauty gifts are always appreciated.  And to save yourself a lot of time, you can offer to comp your girls’ hair or makeup on the day of your wedding.

You could also look through the Supreme Courtney blog.  I love her creative ideas and she has some great wedding-related projects.

I would recommend shopping individually for your 13 year old junior bridesmaid.  Ask yourself about her interests.  If she loves to read, you can get her a classic Jane Austen hardcover novel.  A lot of publishing houses are reissuing the classics in beautifully-designed hardbacks.  If she is into beauty, you can get her a Sephora gift card or a cosmetic bag gift pack filled with samples from Sephora.  If she’s sporty, get her something related to her favorite sport (tennis or lacrosse balls or a racket or something, I don’t know).

There are tons of threads about bridesmaids gift ideas on the boards, so if you want to browse, just do a quick search and glance over what comes up.  Good luck!  

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My bridesmaids all wanted robes to get ready in so I found some super cute ones on Etsy for around ~$25/piece.  I ordered green ones for them and a white one for myself!

I also wanted to get them something else that would be a “surprise” so I got them each a Vera Bradley medium sized makeup bag.  I am going to fill them with little supplies they might need that day (bobby pins, aspirin, lip gloss, bandaids etc) and also stick their jewelry for the day in them.  I ordered the makeup bags online and choose from the clearance colors and then used a coupon so 6 makeup bags came out to around $95!

I am also paying for their hair for the day.  Makeup is up to them if they would like it!


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@Coffeedate:  I saw the idea from EmilyNoel83 on Youtube years ago so I can’t take credit. Estee Lauder won’t engrave them. I will be buying the lipsticks of their choice and taking them to a jewerly store that does engraving and do it there. 

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I got my bridesmaids a necklace from Blue Nile, a high quality pashmina shawl, a bottle of Opi nail polish in different colors, lipgloss. Pretty standard BM gifts, but I also got these colorful macaron jewlery trinket boxes. 

http://www.chambredesucre.com/products/macaroon-limoge-trinket-boxes. I’m having macarons on my candy/dessert table so it’s fitting. I really think they’re so cute!

I got my MOH an additional Kate Spade bag.

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