Major WIN by shopping at Goodwill and Salvation Army!

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Love goodwill! I’m using a variety of small glasses for candles on my tables, and large vases for the other parts of the centerpieces. I went to the local used furnature outlet and got about 70 small glasses and 18 vases for $15. Then I went to goodwill and bought about 10 more vases and a bunch of small glasses for about $15 dollars. My fiance buys tshirts there all the time, so I always find awesome deals on stuff like a HUGE mirror on my wall thats normally about $50 for $6 (in perfect condition too!). Sometimes you just have to look hard to find good deals!

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I have gotten ALL the milk glass for my centerpieces at Goodwills. LOVE them! Mercury glass, on the other hand, has been difficult to find… thanks for posting  this tutorial, I might give it a shot for my votives!

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