Metal choice for your Man's ring?

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  • poll: What metal did you choose for your Man's ring?
    Stainless Steel : (7 votes)
    4 %
    White Gold : (23 votes)
    15 %
    Yellow Gold : (22 votes)
    14 %
    Palladium : (11 votes)
    7 %
    Platinum : (16 votes)
    10 %
    Tungsten : (45 votes)
    29 %
    Titanium : (17 votes)
    11 %
    Rose Gold : (3 votes)
    2 %
    Other (Please Explain) : (11 votes)
    7 %
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    We will both be getting yellow gold rings, I have a yellow gold e-ring so wanted a yellow gold wedding ring, and FI tried white gold and yellow gold on and liked yellow gold better :)

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    Both of our bands are palladium. He did all of the research on ring metals. He liked platinum best, all except for the price. Palladium has  similar qualities to platinum but is more in line with the price of gold.

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    We both have stainless steel, but mine was made by DH.  We chose it because it does not scratch without a whole lot of effort, it buffs easily, it will not shatter, nor will it bend or melt around the very high heats that DH works around.  Oh, and it never tarnishes and it never has to be dipped.  

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    @hfwildcat:  Yeah I have always wanted matching metals, and was slightly disappointed when he mentioned wanting white gold. But it is his ring and I wanted him to be happy with the ring he got. But I did suggest he try on yellow gold as well, just to confirm that he liked white gold better. He liked yellow gold better after that! We will be getting our bands from different places though, as I prefer the Tiffany Lucida and he prefers one from a different store, but that’s ok. 

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    I getting my FI a tungsten ring, we ‘re buying them the same metal so they match, but we’re buying eachothers seperatly, so on the day it’ll be a surprise! His challange now is to find a tungsten ring designed for a woman. Most we’ve seen are made for men.

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    my FH ring is made of gold nuggets and diamonds we had it custom made it looks very similar to this but more yellow the reason he had a custom made ring was because i said you have to look at this ring for the rest of your life on your hand every day make sure its something you truley love! now i finding it hard to keep it off him b4 the big day haha! goodluck with your search :)  

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    Tungsten carbide. $25 on Amazon – exact same ring we saw at the chain jewelry store for $280.

    Mine are palladium, don’t care about them matching.

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    Got him yellow gold because it’s what he wanted.  :)

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    White gold — same metal as my rings.

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    We’re currently shopping for his… he seems to think it is more dangerous to get one of the metals (I forget which one?) because he said it is the hardest and cannot be cut off in an emergency? I don’t even know if this is true or if he is just paranoid… My ring is platinum, so we’ll probably get him platinum too..

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    Platinum. He chose platinum to match my rings, I chose platinum because I like the silver colour, I like the weight, I like the way it patinas, I like that it doesn’t require redipping, and I like that it doesn’t lose any metal when it is scratched and goes back to like new when polished.

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