Middle names!

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Busy bee

Kiera Elizabeth! I prefer the spelling to be KIERA because of that whole I before E thing, you know? I’m biased though since that is the name of my dog :)

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Sugar bee

I like Keira Elizabeth! That’s pretty, but I hear you on the aunt drama.

Just wanted to pop in and say that I think “Keira” is the traditional spelling of the name, for whatever that’s worth. I think either way, people are going to mix up the i & e sometimes. It’s a beautiful name however you spell it. :)

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Youve got your name and two grandparents on your side. Why not shop your husbands family a bit for the third?

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Busy bee

@alyssaC:  I like Kiera Elizabeth, I also like;

Kiera Adelaide

Kiera Valerie

Kiera Charlotte

Kiera Autumn

Kiera Faye

Kiera Isabelle 

Kiera Melody

Kiera Sadie

Kiera Guinevere (because I am a massive history nerd)

Kiera Lee (I knew these twins named Lee and Kiera growing up)

Kiera Knightly (yeah, I know. Couldn’t resist) 

I think that names with three syllables work best with Kiera, especially if they don’t end in ‘a’.  And maybe Kiera works better than Keira because that’s probably going to be a lot of inconvenience when she’s older because the first one is a more common spelling.  

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Busy Beekeeper

Keira Faye

Keira Nicole

Keira Elise

Keira Hazel

Keira Lenore

Keira Lucille

Keira Nicolette

Keira Rosalie

Keira Roxanne

Keira Scarlett

Keira Tatum

Keira Verity

Keira Willow


My childhood best friends name was Kyra (same name, dfiferent spelling) Evening Star. I somehow think thats not what you’re looking for though. :P

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Sugar bee

For some reason I like the sound of one syllable middle names with Kiera.

Kiera Rose

Kiera Belle

Kiera May

Kiera Jane

Kiera Lee/Leigh

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Honey bee

Kiera Marie 

Kiera Madelyn (or however you choose to spell it)

Kiera Grace



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