MIL dig about crop tops

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Sugar bee
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There are some really cute and stylish “crop tops” now, that aren’t anything like the 90’s Britney version. 

Regardless, your MIL’s comment wasn’t overtly directed at you, so I don’t think you have any choice but to ignore it. FWIW- I tend to dress a little more conservatively for family get togethers than I do if I’m just with my fiancé or friends. But, that’s my personal choice and you certainly aren’t obligated to change the way you dress to please your MIL. Likewise, she isn’t obligated to share your sense of style or love all your outfits. As long as she isn’t overtly rude, I think this whole thing is a non-issue. 

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Bumble bee

tell her you found a coupon for Depends and ask if she needs it

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Helper bee
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It was a dig, because who says that? Usually if you’re commenting about something being age appropriate it’s because someone is wearing something which they could be considered too old/young for. 

No one has ever said to me “oh, your outfit is so age appropriate today”, so definitely sounds like an underhand comment to me.

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Bumble bee
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Lol, is it though? Age appropriate I mean. Because I thought that crop tops were banned in a lot of high schools because they were deemed “too adult”. 

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Bumble bee
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nykkee :  nope.  Crop tops are banned from a lot of high schools because they show too much skin, not for being “too adult”. 

For sure you have a great body but crop tops ain’t my thang unless paired with a high waisted skirt or pants/jeans. Your mil could very well be uncomfortable with the amount of skin you’re showing.  Out of respect I would be more covered up around her. Your reaction to the heat shouldn’t be much different whether you’re covering your stomach or not. 

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Bumble bee
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lifeisbeeutiful :  that’s why I used the ” ” , I know the actual reason is that it shows too much skin but I remember from when I was in school that the argument against crop tops and such were often worded by parents or teachers as “too adult” or “not age appropriate” which lends to the argument that it is age appropriate for the poster. I’m just trying to be supportive and help her fight fashion fascism, lol.

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Busy bee
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Hayley Paige makes very pretty crop top wedding dresses because she loves them. She’s like 30 years old and still rocks them at many events. 

You do you.

Personally I think crop tops are cute and makes people look younger. Why do women have to wear “age appropriate” clothing, like do you not want to look 20 when you’re 40? So weird. My grandma can wear crop tops if she still has a fairly nice stomach and wants to show it off before she passes. Life is so short. 

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Blushing bee
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I play tennis with a 70 year old lady that rolls her top up to be a crop top.  Is she toned? No.  However she gets hot so that’s what she does.  She’s an adult and doesn’t care what anyone else thinks.

I’d say wear what you want.  If you care what someone else thinks about what you wear then you can revise your choices.  

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Worker bee

It was a dig. Im in my 30’s and still wear mine. I have friends that wear theirs & they’re older than me. We workout hard. When you workout hard for the body you want you deserve to wear whatever the eff you want. Whether you’re in college or 45 freakin years old. 

Sounds like mil is just jealous she doesn’t have the body for it. Just my opinion. 

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Busy bee

It’s probably a dig but honestly if we changed because of everybody dig made at us we’d all look the same.

Your SO probably loves your crop tops.  Sorry your MIL is a hater : (

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Busy bee

I don’t think it was a dig at all, I really don’t! she was discussing your neice’s prom dress. My daughter is 12 and looks a whole lot older. 

She and I have had a whole lot of conversations about appropriate clothing since she’s in 6th grade. She wears a ladies size 8 shoe and has a D cup bra… and I can tell you the sparkly one shoulder dresses and high heels that are what I would call bar clothes fit her. She would probably want to wear them if I didnt put the brakes on. Recently we were out to dinner and there was obviously some sort of prom or high school event occuring and a bunch of high school girls were dressed up for it- and several were wearing cop top dresses with flowy skirts.  A couple had bustier looking tops with pencil skirts. My daughter thought they were beautiful. I’m not sure I would have let her select something like that as a high school student.

If the prom dess was similar to those I saw when out with my DD I would likely make a similar comment to your MIL. Do I think such attire was age appropriate for a high school student? NOPE. Would I highly prefer that my daughter be older when she wore that kind of attire ? YUP! You are 28…not 16-18~ If anything the comment was probably more about teens in general and their clothing selection. If you are a grown woman, wear whatever you want. I used to love my crop tops in the 90’s. My abs aren’t what they used to be… but if they were, I’d rock them again 🙂

I wouldn’t take this personally at all. I am betting you look great in your crop tops and they are far more appropriate on you than the high schoolers!

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Buzzing bee
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I don’t know your MIL, but I don’t think this was a dig against you.

A couple years ago, my cousin wanted a top that I owned- low back tank, relatively revealing. I’m five years older than her- she was 16 at the time. Her mom shot her down, saying it wasn’t age appropriate for her and that I could only wear it because I was older.

I’m not saying that it’s right to put dress restrictions on anyone, but I just wanted to point this example out.

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As far as whether it was a dig or not, only the tone will tell you. I don’t know how old your MIL is but I know my parents are geating to an age where people in their 20s and teens are all “young ones” and they wouldn’t see any great distinction as far as age-appropriate clothing goes. In any event, crop tops with a high waisted bottom have been hugely fashionable for the last few seasons so if your MIL intended to have a go at you, pity her ignorance and buy her a copy of Harper’s Bazaar! 😉

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