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Sugar bee

Me! It hurt. A lot. But definitely worth the pain and the pain is temporary. Next time I plan on taking 4 ibuprofens or more though. I suggest having someone drive you and taking off work for the test of the day. Also, I bloated for a few days after and spotted for a month. So worth the pain and inconvenience though. 

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I have the Mirena and I’ve never been pregnant. It was not really horrible for me. My cervix points sideways so they had to clamp it to get it in place and that caused a lot of intense burning but I didn’t even feel the sounder that they used to measure and the actual insertion wasn’t bad until the last push to get it into my body. I was giving a cervical softener to take the night before and a mild pain killer to take right before.

I didn’t have spotting right afterward but I’ve been on continuous BC for years so I think my body likes not bleeding. I’ve had no bleeding on it but I do occasionally get cramps.

I have had it for a year and a half and I haven’t had many problems with it!

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Bumble bee
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Me! Take some Tylenol or something before your appointment. It didn’t really hurt a lot for me though, as I have a very high pain tolerance. Mirena is well worth any initial discomfort.

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I fit your standards! It hurt like a b*tch, but it was fast and then it was over. I thought it would be a direct sort of pain but in reality your whole uterus cramps and says “whyyyyy NOOOOOOOO”. But like I said its over quick and I am SO GLAD I have it now! 5 years BC= done.

It felt weird for a month or so, not painful but I could sense its presence which was odd. Then I spotted for 3 months which drove me CRAZY. That stopped after I did some research and found an herb for uterine bleeding called Shepherd’s Purse. Took a tincture and a day later it stopped forever.

Now 2 years later, I LOVE IT. I was never perfect at taking the pill so Im so glad to not have to worry about babies.

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I had one inserted a week ago. I was having panic attacks in the waiting room because I read all the horror stories online about people who said it hurt SO badly, they passed out/vomited/etc. I took 800mg of ibuprofen an hour before my appointment. They use a slightly larger speculum than they use for pap smear and a tool to hold the cervix open, which is slightly uncomfortable but not horrible. The measuring of the uterus isn’t HORRIBLE pain like people describe it as. It’s uncomfortable and a kind of feeling I’ve never experienced before which was probably the strangest part. BUT it’s over really fast (a matter of seconds). The insertion itself is also a little uncomfortable, but really not horrible. I just stared at the ceiling and focused on taking deep breaths the whole time and I was absolutely fine. I have not had children and don’t think I have a super high pain tolerance (I used to cry getting the speculum inserted….). 

I had some cramping that evening and on and off over the next couple days. BUT I found that sitting/laying down made it worse and when I was up and walking around I felt much more comfortable. A week later and I’m now cramp-free! I was on depo before and had been bleeding for a month straight. I stopped the next day after I had the Mirena put in. 

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Sugar bee
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I got it put in last friday and have been in mild discomfort ever since. The cervical softener they gave me caused some severe cramps and it seriously hurt going in. At least it was over quickly. My uterus has been a bit swollen ever since I got it put in and keeps cramping sporadically. I assume it’s my body trying to get used to the foreign object. I second pp on taking ibuprofen beforehand, having a ride, and taking the day off. I would also suggest having a heat pad on hand as that helped my discomfort quite a bit. I haven’t noticed any side effects from the hormone change so far except for my skin starting to clear up (my previous BC + another one of my perscriptions= break out city)

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Helper bee
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@Sea_Ashley:  They had me take misprositol in advance to widen the cervix and that was the worst part. It caused major cramping, labor like pains which continued after the appointment. I had to call my SO to pick me up.

I took some Aleve at the appointment and lay down for a nap when I got home. When I woke up I felt fine.

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Bumble bee

@Sea_Ashley:  I got mine in June, I love it! No problems what so ever! And I have never been pregnant before either (although I am not a virgin…if that matters…)

The measurement and then initial insertion does hurt, but only for about 20 seconds…it’s like a sharp cramping. It gives you enough time to be like “OMG why did I decided to do this….oh ok it’s done”

The rest of the day after inserition I had mild period-type cramps. But nothing major, I still went shopping! I took ibuprofen before hand otherwise no anesthetics.

Don’t stress too much, I had taken the whole day off work because I thought I’d be in pain and want to nap etc…but I felt perfectly normal…just a few menstrual cramps and the next day it was gone and never came back.

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I’m actually glad to see your response about your cervix. When o went to have it done a few months ago, the doctor was unable to get it in and said it was due to my cervix. I don’t know if she knew what she was doing, but I had a consultation with another doctor. He suggested the skyla for me, but wants to do an ultrasound next week just to make sure it is a possibility. My sister had the same thing with her cervix, but she is on her second one, so I think I just had a crappy doctor.

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I was able to get one and never had a child! I love having one!

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I got mine in about a year ago. It felt like intense period cramps for the rest of the day, but wasn’t horrible. My only complaint is I have acne on it.

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Honey Beekeeper
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My doctor was telling me that the Sykla was coming out soon but I didn’t want to wait and the Mirena fit so I didn’t need it anyway.

@Zesty: I have more breakouts on it too. I think because it has such a low dose of hormones compared to the pills I was using.

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Helper bee
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I’ve never been pregnant before and I got the Mirena! I took two Advil before, took the day off work and had my mom drive me back. It hurt when it was put in and then the next day was worse for me. I had huge cramps, sweating, just really not feeling well but then it passed and it’s the best decision I made! 🙂

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@Sea_Ashley:  Yeah, I’ve been there.  Not gonna lie, it hurts like a bitch.  There are two painful parts, both very quick – first they stick something up your cervix to make sure your uterus is tall enough to fit the IUD, and then they stick the actual IUD up.  The two jabs are really painful and there’s some associated cramping… for the first few minutes after, it’s like REALLY bad cramps, and then for the next day or two it’s more like regular, unpleasant cramps.  All in all, it’s really not so bad except for those two quick OUCH moments.

I took four ibuprofen beforehand, plus my friend gave me a muscle relaxer.  I’d definitely recommend at least the four ibuprofen.

SO worth it though!  I’ve had mine (Paraguard) for 3.5 years and I LOVE it. 

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