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@jjmomma:  idk what post you’re talking about, but you can just flag it and a mod will get to it.

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That’s a loaded question, jjmomma. As far as I know, Admin (singular) is already aware of the thread you are referring to.

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I understand that you’re upset (trust me, I am, too), but I’m sure several people (including me) have flagged posts in there, which alerts the mods/admin to it, so I’m sure they already know about it?

To answer your question, unless the admin has access to the OP’s IP (or she connected her account to her Facebook), I’m not sure how else they can track her down. I know on the forums I mod, we have the user’s IP and require them to input a legitimate physical address (that only the admins have access to), although we’re pretty locked down (as in, you can’t lurk, you HAVE to register and provide an address in order to see posts) and have pretty stringent rules on multiple accounts. If that happened over there, we would for sure report it.

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@jjmomma:  I understand how you feel.  That one made me feel too sick, I couldn’t get through it.  Ugh, the stuff that goes on in this world.

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I will forward this message on to Penguin for you guys.  The Mod/Hostess team is not involved with situations like this.

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@jjmomma:  Did you PM or email Penguin or just flagging it?  I don’t think she reads all the flags, the posts are just mentioned to her if it’s something the admin team is taking care of.  If you message her directly, you might get an answer, although it might take a little while.

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