My cats’ ingenious hiding techniques – Post your funny pet photos!!!

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Helper bee

Here is my kitty’s hiding spot. It is actually quite gross now that I think of it.


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Worker bee

omigosh too funny!

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Sugar bee

One of my cats, Firefox, loves to burrow/hide in blankets.  It’s funny and cute at the same time!


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Sugar bee

Dorian T. used to lay on top of our mice’s cage all the time. Poor little babies…RIP.

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Buzzing Beekeeper

Wow… I have SO many. Tommy is a a pretty rediculous feline:





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Bee Keeper

When we were fostering two chubby kitties they used to make a beeline for this slim little drawer next to our oven we store plastic bags in anytime we opened it! It was so cute b/c they were so chubby they could barely fit in, but the LOVED to climb in there :)

They also unfortunately loved hiding in our coat closet and on separate occasions spent the day locked in there when we closed the door not realizing there was a kitty in it :(

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Bumble bee

@meliss: Your cats are adorable!

@MsJ26: I grew up with a Rottweiler and I remember ducking everytime he shook.

Cats are funny!

Here is our cat after getting cozy in a pile of freshly laundered clothes


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Bee Keeper

@MsJ26: That is one of the funniest pics I’ve ever seen! I’m cracking up!!

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Helper bee

This is my cat, Loki, about a month after we got him, just over a year ago.  He was sooo tiny back then (that’s one of those 99 cent bags of chips).  The porker is now 17 pounds and couldn’t fit in a full sized bag of chips even if he tried.  He loved chips when he was that size, but not so much anymore.

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Helper bee


[attachment=1308413,166463] [attachment=1308413,166464]

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