My mom wants me to get my wedding dress. Like now.

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Its your dress- if you dont want it made yet that is your call.  If I were you, I would wait until I was engaged. Your mom wants this dress made, but what about aunt xxxx ? She might want to wait until you are engaged. 

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@ForeverBirds:  This could just be me, and the fact that my head is always up in the clouds, but I would say what’s the harm? It won’t be costing much, it can be saved for later. You could have it altered later if it doesn’t fit exactly, and I’d say it would be better to feel a little weird about doing it so early then not go for it, and have something happen so that you wouldn’t be able to in the future, and regret it later on. It might feel awkward to go try on dresses this early, but I would just be honest with the salespeople at the stores about your intentions in trying on dresses.

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since she offered, you can have one made now, as you want something simple, it can easily be altered later on. and it will have sentimental value too

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What does your SO think about this?

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I would wait. Like you said, it may not fit you or your wedding. It would be sad if your aunt couldn’t make your dress, but it would be tragic if she put in all that time and effort and you couldn’t use the dress later. 

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Honey bee

continue waiting until you’re engaged.

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I think you should wait because it seems like that is what you are most comfortable doing.

Hopefully he hurries the heck up.

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Sugar bee

I would wait until you’re engaged.  I hate to sound like a downer, but I think it would be weird if you ended up not marrying this guy and you have a wedding dress made by his aunt?

How well does your mom know his aunt? It seems weird for her to be requesting/pushing this.

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@ForeverBirds:  People are going to tell you to wait, and for regular dress shopping-I’d say yes wait. But as a former waitingbee, if his aunt’s heath really is going downhill, and you’re not sure that she’s be able to make you your dress in a year and this is something you really want:

do it.

I personaly think there is a HUGE difference between:

“I really wanted this style #2322 by RandomDesigner, it was getting discontinued, so I really needed to buy it. I know we’re not engaged but we will be.”


“your aunt is getting older and I really wanted to wear a dress that’s made by her for my wedding. I know we’re not engaged yet, but it’s a sentimental family piece of her we’ll  always have”

Big difference

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