My ring is bending

posted 1 year ago in Rings
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Sugar Beekeeper

@nyscpa2be:  i would go back to where you bought it and show them what you just explained.  you just got it so it shouldn’t be wearing this quickly.

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Bee Keeper

It can be polished and that will make it regain its original sheen. I’m not sure if they can straighten the bend but I assume they can, as well. I don’t think yellow gold is ever dipped(?). It is the color it is, all the way through, not plated. Is it changing color?

BTW, all gold and platinum scratches…all of our rings have scratches on them after a little wear (usually mostly on the underside though). if it’s any consolation, platinum scratches much faster than gold. Not sure what the rest of your ring’s alloy is made out of though…

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